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Ulasien, Paul: The Corporate Rat Race: The Rats Are Winning: A Game Plan for Surviving and Thriving in Corporate America -

Ulloa, Ed: 27: A Football Coach's Memoirs -

Umphery, Angela: Chasing Love - and

Unger, John: One Thing Over -

Unger, Maurice H.: When Destinies Collide and Terrorism's Shifting Winds -

Upson, Renee: The Braces Cookbook and Self Care Guide -

Uravic, Abraham: MEOW -

Urban, Robert M, III: From Ohio to Now: My Story -

Urso, Paula "Walks Alone": Banyan...Keeper of the Trees -

Valdimarsdóttir, Thórunn: Flicka med finger -

Valli, A.R.: A Season in Time -

Vance, Lori: Violated Trust -

Van Fleet, Ella and David: Workplace Survival: Dealing with Bosses, Bad Workers, Bad Jobs -

Van Gor, Tracy: Thunder from Above Book 1: Harsh Innocence -

Van Heyden, Chaz: Conquering Things -

Van Fleet, Sheryl: The Recumbent and the Upright: A Bicycle Adventure… -

Van Osdol, William R, Ph.D.: From Whence They Fell and The Ultimate Human Evil—ODESSA: Organization der ehemaligen SS Angehorigen (Organization of former Nazi SS Members) -

Van Scoyoc, Andrea Dean: Poison's Treasures -

Vandenburg, James: Making Life Better -

Vanderhelm, Joy: Dead Eyes on Me -

Vanderlaan, Karen: Show and Tell -

Vansandt, Melody: Code Scarlet -

Varga, Josie: Footprints in the Sand: A Disabled Woman's Journey to Happiness -

Vasquez, Minister Ruben: God Hears All Who Call, Get Ready to Receive -

Velasquez, Elisa: Heaven On Earth -

Ventemiglia, Kaltrina: Voices -

Verster, Karen de Balbian: Boob: A Story of Sex, Cancer & Stupidity -

Vlok, Francis: IYSH -

Von Gurnov, Calvin II: Seekers of the Unknown: Life in the Spirit World -

Vorce-Tish, Helene: Fencing with Danger: Pavel Lubov's True Story and The Wounds of Hate and Changing the Forces of Hate -

Voss, Edd: A Tree for America -

Voth, Susan: Liquored Words & Afterthoughts -

Vrooman, Charles: Green Power -

W., Steve: Steve's Story -

Waggoner, Jayne: Celic -

Wagner, Melissa: Everyday Windows: A Collection of Poetry and Prose -

Waite, Beth: Ascending Powers - Walden, Earnestine: A Scorpion's Lair: Joker's Gone Wild and A Scorpion's Lair: Sceret Revenge -

Walden, Shelley: Bound by Hatred and Smoking Mirrors - and

Waldron, Kerry S.: Loving Life and Living Large: A Commonsense Approach to Successful Living -

Waldrop, Tommy: The Gathering Storm and The Clouds Thicken -

Walford, Gerald A . & Gerald E.: The Golf Superbook -

Walker, Anna M.: Summer for Change -

Walker, Brian D.: Mirrors of the Soul: A Compilation of Poetry on Life, Love and Loss -

Walker, Dorcas Annette: To Say Good-bye -

Walker, S. E.: SHE -

Walker, William: To Ride a Hurricane -

Wallace, Bruce: This Life is a Journey -

Wallace, C.J.: Take Off Your Sunglasses -

Wallace, Randy K.: The Banderman Odyssey -

Wallick, JC: Zamora -

Wallon, Tiva: Footsteps Through Time and The Way It Used to Be: A Second Chance -

Walsh, Winnie: Savannah Joy and Tim, Defines and Defies Down Syndrome -

Walters, Carmella A Life of Significance -

Walters, Carmella Handbook For Sharing Your Faith Effectively -

Walton, Jim: Dixie Gold -

Ward, Timothy: Quiet Reflections: A Book of Poems, The Wayward Son: A Journey Home, and When an F Is a Good Thing: Keys to a Lasting and Successful Marriage Relationship -

Ward, Tom: Outposts of Hell or Portals to Heaven and The Enemy Within -

Ware, Shirley Gerald: Joseph's Fears -

Wargo, Jeffrey A.: Ghosts in the 'Ville: True Experiences and Tales of the Unexplained in Riegelsville, PA -

Warner, Rosemary: Sin and Punishment and Southern Justice -

Warnasuriya, Chani: Favorite Folktales of Sri Lanka, Children's Stories of Wit and Humor, and Spooky Tales from the Orient -

Warren, Deanna Lee: In Dreams and There Is Something Wrong with Jackie: A Novel and The Greatest Tragedy of All -

Warren, G. Edward: The Lottery Winner and The Devil's Carousel - Warstler, Mary Lu: Pushing Up Geraniums -

Washington, Cecil: Dwoor and Walkware -

Washington, Gary E.: A Sword, A Shield, A Helmet -

Wastnage, Nick: No Snowdrops in July and The Heart Donor -

Waters, Tom: Zany Hijinx!: essays and other irrational prose and Born Pissed -

Watkins, Barbara: Nightmares & Daydreams -

Watkins, Catherine: Randy -

Watkins, Gwen: Angel Food: Spiritual Revelations -

Watson, Dominique L.: Too Much Untold -

Watson, Sidney: Unleashing the Leash -

Watt, Eden: Vision Speak -

Watters, Nika: Nika Watters in The Case of the Misplaced Fossil -

Watts, Bruce: Memories from a Baby Boomer: The Early Years -

Watts, Carl E.: The Men That Cooperstown Forgot -

Weatherford, Lacey: Of Witches and Warlocks: The Trouble with Spells -

Weaver, David: Brothers of the Wind -

Weaver, Frank, Jr.: Crab Cake & Pepper -

Weaver, Joyce A. McKissick: Blissful Moments and Enchanted: A Book of Poetry and Chubby Bear and His Two Brothers and The Adventures of Mopey Bear and His Two Brothers - Webb, Barb: Standing Still -

Webb, Charlotte: Past Trails Tell No Lies -

Weber, John Michael: From Junk to Jesus: In the Blink of an Eye -

Webster, B. Swangin: Let Me Just Say This -

Webster, Gayle: I Can Still Remember… -

Webster, William: One Year in the Life of Benjamin Thomas and Wilson Hill -

Wedding, Linda: The Blue-Eyed, Tri-Colored American Paint: A Lesson in Trust for Baby -

Weir, Gardiner M.: Music on the Wind and Voices in the Glen: A Collection of Scottish-Irish Short Stories -

WEJ: Resurrecting Dustin Tierney -

Welborn, Kathleen: Our Date with Destiny, Embracing the Universe, Desires of a Free Spirit, and The Cacklebeans -

Welch, Mark: "Maple and Friends Maple Meets Cyle Monster" -

Weldon, Cheryl: "You Are Mine" and 3 Fillies & a Colt -

Welles, Pat: Dancing in Thorns -

Welling, Cub: Potentially Dangerous Material -

Wellington, Sarah: The Stone People -

Wells, R. S.: Under the West Texas Sky -

Wells, Shannon Nicole: Wild Heart -

Welman, Frans: Enter the Forbidden Land: The Quest for Nagalim and Behind the Glittering Lights of Bordellos and Brothels: The Philippines - Wermuth, Kathleen: Stephanie's Story: Love Knows No Handicaps -

Welty, Lauresta: The Best Place in the World -

West, AJ: Wolves Among the Ruins: The Prince Dethroned -

West, Jim: The First Battle of the New Civil War: Revenge of the Ghost Wolf -

Westbrook, William: Angelic Thunder: A Novel of Biblical Battles Between God and Lucifer: Book One -

Weston, Constance: The Celebration of Hogmanay -

Westra, Sharon: Rend Your Heart and A Season of Dreams and The Rest of Forever: Sequel to A Season of Dreams and Shine Like Stars: The Continuing Story of Katie Fremont and Snapshots of a Hometown Girl -

Wheeler, DonnaLee: The Chimes of Resdorn -

Wheeler, Vanessa: The Unaltered Canvas -

Whipple, Wendy: Creating an Heirloom: Writing Your Family's Cookbook -

White, David M.: Life's Lessons -

White, Derek: Unicorn Witch and Unicorn Witches: The Vengeance of the Godhe -

White, Gail Lawson: The View from the Thorn: A collection of Irish faerie Stories and other Celtic tales -

White, Marrianne: Lost Child and Mommy Is Missing -

White, Thomas: Womannequin and the Agents of the Foundation for Hope and Peace -

White, Tim: A Single Heart -

White, Veronica: Deadline Murder -

Whitehair, C.W.: Sabers and Roses -

Whitehurst, Ruby Lee: Love's Soft Voice -

Whitley, Paul: Keechie -

Whitney, Evelyn: Young Years of Paul and Waldo -

Whitney, James: The Dragon Kaseraak -

Whitt, Melissa: Planet Gemini -

Whyte, JD: The Finding and When Darkness Calls: The Pierce Chandler Mystery Series - Wickes, Tammy: Trust of the Heart -

Wickham, Martha: Garden of Desire -

Wiggins, K.: The Green Plaid Jacket -

Wiggins, Willie: The Last Chapter:"If I Can Change, Then You Can Change" -

Wilcox, Aundrea: Startup Savvy: Strategies for Optimizing Small Business Survival and Success -

Wilcox, Donna: A Pirate's Tale -

Wilcut-Bledsoe, Robin: The Imagination of Hollie Mason -

Wilder, George, Jr.: Derrick Sweat: Midwest Deep Freeze -

Wiley, Jean: Sweet Dreams for Sydney: A Book to Help Dissipate Nightmares -

Wiley, Mary T.: Tears Amidst My Joy -

Wilkerson, Mary LaVerne: Daddy, Don't Cry, I Love You - ;

Wilkins, T.S.: Stand Again, Oh Weary Soul: The Poetic Emotions of T.S. Wilkins -

Wilks, Renee: Small Dog -

Willbanks, Shane: I Need a Vacation -

Will, Jon, ESQ., CPA, MBA: The Ultimate Philosophy -

Williams, Anjel: Contents of a Desolate Mind -

Williams, Aubrey: The Knight in Shining Armor -

Williams, Barbara: The Sacrifice of Praise -

Williams, Billie A.: Ancient Secrets -

Williams, Byron L.: The Night the Wind Brought Evil -

Williams, Carmelita: Victim of the Recession, Victory in Finding My Blessing -

Williams, Carrie: Rebecca's Journey -

Williams, Denise J.: The Broken Vessel -

Williams, Eugene, Jr.: I Am the Darker Brother -

Williams, Keith Oscar: The True Experience -

Williams, Latrice: Lifes' Experience -

Williams, Lee: To Those Who Dare To Love -

Williams, Mary: Broken and Restored -

Williams, Ronald, Jr.: Deep Inside LiteBlue -

Williams, Sarah: Backside of the Country -

Williams, SE: Indulgences -

Williams, Stanley R.: Not Me -

Williams, Teresa: Friends of Wildwood -

Williamson, Charlotte: Say Aloha to Murder: A Detective Hardrock Mystery and Switched: A Detective Hardrock series -

Williamson, Kyle: The Best of Two Worlds, The Dream Is Still Alive, Timer, The Memory of Elisha, Two Lives Collide, and The 6th Life -

Wilson, David Lloyd: Dogs Don't Fly -

Wilson, Gary L.: World War III: Nuclear War -

Wilson, J. Allen: Before Darkness Falls -

Wilson, Mark: The Amazing Gift from the Woods, The Demons Within, The Old Man's Secret Friend, and The Secret of Gray View Manor -

Wilson, Phyllis A.: Living with Poliomyelitis -

Winch, John: Deadly Saviours -

Wingate, Sherelle F.: Drama at No Rest! -

Winn, Verona: Elemental Soul -

Winslett, Tammy: God's Eternal Love: Inspirational Christian Poetry -

Winters, R. B.: The Other Realm and The Other Realm: Blood Vengeance -

Wise, T. M.: To Right Yesterday -

Wisocki, H. J.: Innocence Betrayed: A Dad's Story of Clergy Misconduct -

Witham, AK: Armada Dawn and Armada Rising and Armada Reign -

Witham, Nina Liv: Outer Dominion Saga: Volume I, Destiny Calling -

Withrow, Stephen F.: Goddess of Mine and Dying for Emily - Wolf, Arnold: Chickenhawk -

Wolf, Linda: A Nightcrawler's Nightmare -

Wolfe, Ainsley: Love, Revisited -

Womack, Jami: Degree of Trust and Degree of Obsession and Addictions and No One's Watching -

Womble, Jan: Jessie's Way: The Last Word -

Wood, K. S.: Two Worlds Collide -

Woodland, Dewey: Hoof Beats and A Wife for Elrad Beans -

Woods, Duane: Zachary Rush: The Beginning of the End -

Woods, Joe: An Unexpected Flight: Where Courage, Love, and Deception Become Intertwined and Old Main Burning: A tale of love and murder in Mississippi -

Woodward, Wanda M.: The Anatomy of the Soul: An Authentic Psychology -

Woodworth, Adam: The Rantings of a 33-Year-Old Father of Two and More Rantings of a 33-Year-Old Father of Two -

Woodworth, Dan: Disappointments Transformed into Destiny -

Woolsey, Marla: A Trucker's Wife and The Chaney House Ghost -

Worcester, Daryl: Gaining Spiritual Life and The Chapters of Life and Concepts of Life: A Biblical Reality into God's Plans for Man and The Story of the Famous Traves Travlslot and Traves Travlslot: The North American Adventure -

Wright, Cavin: From Dust to Trust -

Wright, Gene: Nobody Knows His Name: A Jerry Valdez Novel -

Wright, Lisa T.: Isabear -

Wrightsman, Nyda: Always Make the Best of It and Our House on the Hill -

Wring, M.C.: The Circumstances of Katrina -

Wuensche, Randy: The Final Cause: Book One of the Cemaria Chronicles and Into Worlds Unknown: Book Two of the Cemaria Chronicles -

Wyneken, Cherise: Freddie -

Yacoub, Chrissy: Cultures Colliding and Whispers in the Breeze and Autumn's Apparitions and Ghostly Echoes -

Yahn, Michael A.: The Music of the Marx Brothers: A Bio-Discography of the Works of Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Gummo, and Zeppo Marx -

Yahne, Melissa: Moon & Sun -

Yarbrough, Patricia: A Silent Scream -

Yelverton, Pam: Bloody Bones -

Yenwo, Herman: From Africa, With Love: An Autobiography of Herman X -

Yeropoli, Bruno: Vengeance from the Grave -

Ylitalo, Gail: Blackberry Summer -

Yoakum, Larry III: The Arachnid Anthology and Tales of Things That Should Not Be… -

Young, Antonio: If You Believe the Impossible -

Young, Cleous: The Magical Rug -

Young, Tracy Ann: Girls Night Out Chronicles: Sugar Daddy: Mad Justice: Kool Cats - Zabriskie, Cindy: The Daily Adventures of Ruckus and Otis -

Yousefi, Victoria: Omid's Mission: A Tribute to My Son -

Zachariou, Dr. Andreas: God's Creation and Man: A Dimensional Developmental Approach and God Created Man in God's Image and Man Created God in Man's Image and Through Layers and Dimensions: A Journey in Eternity and From the Ego Layer to the Non-Ego: Education’s and Humanity’s Greatest Challenge -

Zecca, Lori: Love Enough for All -

Zemke, Cheryl L.: Defenders of Naturion -

Ziba, Axelan: Journey to Unknown -

Zimbelman, Arnie: Betrayal at Popham: The "Lost Colony" of Maine -

Zimmerman, Daniel: Poems of Diversion: The Bird of Happiness -

Zimmerman, Robert K, Ed.D.: Learning from the People We Serve: A Book of Stories -

Zinnel, A.S.: Reckless -

Zubry, Boris: Chess Master and Miles of Experience and Arrogance of Truth -

Zuehlke, Karen: Welcome to Janie's World -

Zumar, Anthony: How to Change Your Mind and become an Improvement Thinker -

Zwiggelaar, Gertjan: A Pirate's Tale -

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