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Kaimaparamban, Joy J.: The Azure of Solicitude - | |

Kalwar, Santosh: I Am Dead Man Alive -

KAM: Shadow Walker -

Kamat-Tarker, Poorwa: The Cornelius Sign: & the Season Queen Business -

Kanevsky, Jenny: Chosen Quarry -

Kaplansky, Danny: Poetry Transcending from the Besotted Heart -

Kari, Christi: Blessings of Barrenness, How to Surrender Infertility and Pregnancy -

Karmazenuk, Steve: The Unearthing -

Karpovate, Michael: Flashpoint Quebec: Operation Joint Suppression -

Karr, Debra Ann: The Adventures of Barrett: The Racehorse with Magic Shoes and The Legend of Pendyne: The King, the Horse, the Boy, and the Legend -

Karr, Sue: The Flaming Sword of Eden -

Kasson, Mike: Lyme Disease: One Man's Story -

Kasten, Julie: Dancing Amidst the Chaos -

Katz, Bebe Weinberg: Princess Claudia & the Freckles and A Best Friend for Claudia -

Katz, Sergeant Marty (retired): Past the Uniform -

Kawecki, Rodney: The Supertellic Electromagnetic-Gravitational Universe Technology Theory: The Quanta Physics Theory -

Kay, Robert M.: Christ in the Ganges: A Satire For Our Time and Philosophers in Bondage: A Tale of Woe -

Kay, Susan: Letters for Sarah -

Kaye, Elisabeth: Decades and Born in the Ashes -

Kaye, R. M.: The Only Way Home -

Kaye, R. S.: Roya Starr Kaman: "An Unauthorized Biography" and Diary of Roya Starr Kaman, The: As Translated from Old Records -

Kaynan, Martin: Predators in the Workplace: A "Reality Check" on What We Too Often Encounter in Our Working Environments -

Kaynan, Richard Ian: The Giver's Consequence and The Cannons at Goldsboro Bridge -

Kazi, Lynn: Cottonland Songstress -

Kazmierczak, Carolyn Salmon: Searching for the Perfect Horse and A Kingdom for Horses: Heartfelt Devotions That Touch the Soul of a Horse Lover and Those That Love Our Lord Jesus; Also Featuring "Will Jesus Return Upon a White Horse?" -

Keels, Nadine: Yella's Prayers -

Keeney-Canfield, Gayle: Crossing Jordan: Book One of the Keeney Chronicles -

Keeton, Marilyn: Quest for Forgiveness: A Marlee Whittacre Novel -

Kehl, Wayne: Always Remember: If It Ain't Fun, It Ain't Worth Doing! -

Keith, Danita: Moments in Time of my Heart and Soul -

Kelley, Morgan: Serial Sins -

Kelly, C. A.: Orfies -

Kelly, Chuck: Legend Of Otherland: Adventure Underground and Legend of the Otherland: Evil Does Exist -

Kelly, J. Brian: Growing the Shamrock, Tuning the Fiddle -

Kelly, L.K.: Meme's Christmas Stories -

Kemm-Highton, Barbara: A Body on the Farm: The Disappearance and Murder of Carol Blades -

Kemper, Rev. E.J. III: The Novel of Poetry and The Proper Purpose of Pain -

Kender, Carol: The Stela Passageway and The Jaguar's Paw -

Kennedy, Richard R.: Tale of Love & War Volume I: An Odyssey of Childhood and Early Youth and A Tale of Love & War Volume II: War and The Home Front -

Kent-Brooks, Frances: Living, Breathing, Being: A Book of Poetry -

Kerr, Paul C.: S*T*A*R: Surveillance of Terrorist Actions and Retaliation -

Ketchum, John L.: Lie to Me and Telepathic Liar -

Kettle, Cynthia Anne (Caron): Community Life, Death, Life Eternity and There's a Connection: 3 Books in 1 - Khaghani, Ali: Together; Alone -

Keyes, Chuck: Cynella's Gift and The Being of Sarah -

Keyser, Ryan W.: Surfwater and Lanessa -

Khan, Ayesha Ijaz: Rodeo Drive to Raja Bazaar -

Khardaji, Sharon: Poise: Selected Poems -

Kidwell, Leigh-Anne: Summer Vinyard and The Year I Lost My Popularity -

Kilmartin, Tricia A.: Fantastic Finds Cookbook: 60 Great Recipes & Tips -

Kilpatrick, Jim: Stand at Ease -

Kim, Genesis: Hangouts -

Kimball, Allen S.: Reflections On A Mad Poet's Inner Thoughts (A Collection of Unorthodox Blues Poetry/Songs in 6 Parts -

King, Dora M.: Looking for Love -

King, Linda K.: Fleeting Messages -

King, Victoria: Her Strong Tower -

Kington, Randy: What a Life: How the Vietnam War Affected One Marine -

Kinsmore, Barbara: I Remember Grandma: A Love Legacy -

Kirk, John Ashton: Ascension -

Kirsch, Richard: Pine Woods and The Big One: (A Bicycle Tale) -

Kirven, Donna: When a Band-Aid Isn't Enough: And other poetic perspectives and The Alchemy of Understanding: Poetic Therapy for the Soul -

Kisella, Nick: The Chalice of Souls -

Kittleson, Tim: A Jungle in My Heart -

Klamkin, Bert Carroll: Four . . . Too Soon -

Klein, S. Paul: Accidents of Time and Place -

Kleinn, Karl: Journey Without Destination: Stories from a Life Without a Plan -

Knapp, Rene: Milo's Journey -,, and

Knifong, Carey: Angel Baby: A Journal of Healing After the Loss of an Unborn, Born Still, or Newborn Child -

Knight, April: The Gentleman in the Lake -

Knight, Nora: The Flower of Life -

Knight-McConnell, Kathy: Curtis Knight: Living in the Shadow of Jimi Hendrix -

Knox, Lorna J.: Flames of a Rose and Two Tales of Mystery -

Kocan, George: The Boys' Club -

Koch, Michael: A Murder in Tulsa: The Sherrill Murder Case & The Rise of the Barker-Karpis Gang -

Kochanoff, Jim: Fists and Fantasy and Men of Extreme Action and Sudden Death -

Kochansky, Thomas M. P.E.: Tribune: A Story of Early Christianity and Man of Action: Peter’s Recollection of the Christ and Exploring the Fourth Gospel -

Kohn, Norm: The Dolphin Chronicle and The Chandana Tree - Kolbet, Sadie: Humans: Bottom of the Intimate Food Chain -

Kolkin, Judith: Abigail Unloved and Honorable Intentions -

Kong, David T.: The Pantheons Stories -

Korda, Jacqueline Ciminelli: Forbidden Passions I: Devil's Kiss -

Koster, Jessica: Wish Upon the Rain -

Kovic, James W.: Tamara's Journey: The Purging of a Tyrant -

Kraft, Debra: Somewhere on the Edge of Words -

Krainski, Jenny: The Leader of Nature and Undetected and My Neighbor -

Krauel, Janann: Flying Lessons -

Krause, Kevin: Celestial: The Fallen -

Kreckel, Ken: Rocked By Murder -

Kreeger, Vickie: Little Girls Lost -

Kretsinger, Kristie: Isolated Dreamer: A Collection of Poetry -

Kristoco: -

Kriszt, Ann Marie: Bestis Friends -

Krueger, L.A.: When Will My Ship Come In?: The Misadventures of a Navy Wife and Terror by Night -

Kshir, Donna: Before I Self-Destruct and Fighting Back -

Kucera, Patricia: He Always Held My Hand -

Kuhne, Melba: A Laugh and a Tear: "Omi" et al - Kulman, Andrea M.: Adventures of Charlie & Doo-Doo: Not a Baby Anymore and The Drama Unfolds -

Kunchog, Venerable Jampa: Light of Meditation: Developing Our Candlelight-Like Wisdom -

Kuykendall, AK: Conspirator's Odyssey The Evolution of the Patron Saint -

Kyle, Erica: Fatal Accident -

Lachapelle, L.A.: Small Tales and Visits to Heaven and Small Tales and Visits to Heaven 2 -

Lafay, Ms.: Through the Eyes of Ms. Lafay -

Lak, Fallon: Torn Apart` -

Lakovsky, Evelyn: 1918 and The Last Summer in Russia -

Lambert, George J.: Brothers and Heroes: A Chronicle of Military Service of Six Americans -

Lambert, Teres: Mommy, Do You Love Me? -

Landry, Diane: Granny's Gift -

Lakovsky, Evelyn: 1918 and The Last Summer in Russia -

Landry, J. A.: Fool Star -

Lang, William: Pain Is Love & Life Is The Reality -

Lange, CJ: From the Case Files of Hannah Jordan: Fulfilled Justice -

Langley, Kimberley A.: Another Time -

Lanier, C. Shane': Emani's Choice -

Lanyon, Robin: The Nefarious Tongue -

LaPorte, Tom: Magnolia Revealed: A Mary Jack Campaign -

Larose, Julie: Discovering the Long Way Home -

Larsen, Laurie: Momentary Lapse and Whispers of the Heart -

Larson, Mark: The Adventures of PINKY, the Pink Flamingo -

Larson, Rustin: Mental: Stories by Rock L'Orange -

Larson, Ryan David Bird: Two, Fast: A Spiritual Guide to Dieting -

Lasseigne, Jacques: E-Mail Connections: Tragedy and Triumph of The TERMS -

Laszlo, Andrew: The Seven Graces of God and A Fight of No Consequence and Banjin and The Real World Series: and Another Year in the Bronx: Two Stories by andrew Laz -

Lathrop, Brandy: Jalen Goes to Mars -

Latimer, Lenard, Jr.: P.O.W.E.R.S.—Economic Evolution or…? -

Laughery, Teri: Hey Mom! I Joined the Marines! -

Lavigne, Patrick: Invaders in the Dark -

Lawson, Christopher M.: No More Lonely Days -

Lay, Christopher A.: Brooklyn Heat Lasts Forever -

Lazar, Aaron Paul: Double Forté and Upstaged -

Leach, John L, IV: Valley of the Poet -

Lebeau, Eris R.: Lost Souls and Source Code -

Lebrecht, Anne: Tales from the Heart: A Collection of Short Stories -

Lee, Barbara: The Artist and the Cop (The Death of Margie Sloan) -

Lee, Joesph: Growing Up A Witness -

Lee, J.W.: Mighty Fine Remembering -

Lee, Sandra: Time Served: A Novel -

Lee-Park, Jeremy: Life, Along with the Pursuit & Games of Love & Sex -

Leeth, Clark Wayne: The Haunting of Downing Chapel and Redeemed!: The Journey Begins -

Leff, Benjamin: The Unpopulars -

Leff, Steven: The Nine Lands: Book One: The Amulet of Drake -

Legg, Ruth: Veils of Conspiracy -

Lehosit, Darlene: Surviving Lung Cancer (My Story) -

Leigh, Allen W.: One Mormon's View of the Science--Religion Debate -

Leigh, Gwendolyn: Personal Payback and Deceiving Secrets and Letters to Roleen -

Lekas, Daniel: Tales of a Thirtysomething Nobody -

LeMieux, Michael E.: Unalienable Rights: And the Denial of the U.S. Constitution -

Lemire, Lillie: A Young Witch's Magical Adventure and A Witch's Obsession -

Lengel, J.W.: Peace Force and The Second Civil War -

Lennon, Wayne: The Last of the Short MPs -

Leon, Michael: The Faithful and the Fallen -

Leonard, Joyce: It's Not My Fault -

LePage, Cheri: Are You My Sister?, My New Beginnings, Three Prescott Brides, and Wildfire -

Leung, Helen: Toni -

LeValley, Paul: The Orfalinda Trilogy: and Other Early Writings -

Levis, Walter B.: Moments of Doubt -

Lewis, Cindy: Because of a Woman: Life Stories of "Lee" Leon Arthur Didas -

Lewis, David A.: Poetic Expressions of Love -

Lewis, Dr. Madeline Ann: Playing from the Blue Tee: Women in the Federal Government -

Lewis, J.R.: Bakerville Prodigy and It's Not Me, It's You -

Lewis, Paul: LIFELESS -

Lies, Greg: Everything is Jake -

Lightle, Lugenia: Ruguma: New to America and Rockie Stoneshaker and the Haunted Castle -

Liguori, Anthony, Jr.: Memories, Messages and Musings and From God's Heart to Yours -

Lilley, James H.: The Far Side of the Bridge and Just Retribution and Death Knocks Twice and The Eyes of the Hunter and A Tony Clements Christmas Miracle -

Lindey, Dennis: 21 Days with Dad: My 25-Day Adventure to All Four Corners of the United States -

Lindo, Craigal R.: Heart's Glory -

Linett, Lance: Self Destruct -

Ling, Rosemary: I Remember Grandma: A Love Legacy -

Linhardt, Abigail: Dark Generations: Rise of the Mage Knight -

Link, Gary: The Burnt District -

Litherland, Janet: Song of the Heart and Vanished and Chain of Deception and Discovery In Time -

Littlefield, Anthony: Bittersweet Journey: The Story of the Wounding, Healing and Triumph of a Family -

Littles, Wanda Thomas: Color Blind: Psalms of Life -

Loba, Priscilla: Phoenix: The Wonder Dog and The Angel's Promise and Out of the Blue -

Loder, Wes: The Golden Horn -

Lodes, Kirk: Cheesy, Sleazy, Mixed-Up Astro-Zombies: The 100 Worst Actors and Directors of All Time - Loe, Ron: The Seventh Sense -

Loecher, Eunice: Inside Passage -

Loft, B.J.: The North Point Boys -

Logan, Jaycee: Apache Windigo -

Long, Richard: Unholy Thirst -

LoriLynn: Coffee Time? -

Lorsch-Saltzman, Laurie: The Mouse That Had No Spouse, Josh and George, Roadrunner George and the Backyard Bunch and Have You Met the Stonkies? -

Lovaas, Terry W.: Lady Luck's Smile -

Love, Katie: Cubicide -

Lovette, Pam: The Smell of Buttercups -

Low-DuMond, Sabrina: Weakling Willie -

Lowery, Mark: Magic Time, Time is Magical -

Lubianetzky, Paul P.: Homeland Security: The Beginning -

Lucas, Andre: The Cancer Survival Kit: The Power of Three, Vol. I: The TRUTH -

Lucas, Woody: A Book of Rhythm and Insane Joy -

Luck, Eric: Most Fortunate Son -

Luera, Derrick: MutaGenesis -

Luke, Michael C.: Alien Hunters: The Beginning -

Lundmark, TIm: My Descent into Madness: A Collection of Poems -

Lupo, G. M.: The Long-Timers -

Lustig, Lindsey Beth: Snail's Trail -

Lynn, Tory: My Charming Protector -

Lyons, Diahna: The Mask of Fenrir -

Mabry, Donna: The Last Two Aces in Las Vegas -

MacKenzie, Megan: An Innocent Kiss -

Macklin, Robert: Jesus: The Final Journey -

Maddon, Shane: Texan Heat -

Madjemite, Dorene: Quagmires -

Mae, Darcie: Sammy & Robert and Sammy & Robert's Animal Adventures -

Magers, Ramona Hirsch: Walter's Discovery -

Magliano, Theresa: To Save One  -

Mahr, C.N.: The Face on Mars -

Maidman-Tanner, Ellen: Days Dark as Night and Nights Lit by Fire: Book Two of the Adami Chronicles -

Maisner, Larry: Glow From a Gentle Lantern -

Maistros, Lucille Maurice: Growing Up Cold: A memoir of growing up cold, but longing to be cool, in 1950s Vermont and Growing Up Colder: Still Growing Up Cold, but Longing to Be Cool in 1960s Vermont -

Majcher, Dr. Gail: A Worthy Woman: Victory Over Domestic Violence: A True Story and Self-Help Book -

Major, Christine and Joseph Mazzenga: Hybrid Seed -

Makeda: Fantasies of a Black Queen: A Collection of Erotic Short Stories and Poems -

Maku, Dominic Woja: Okumu's Journey: A Sudanese Refugee Boy's Narrative -

Mallory, S. Perry: The Divorce Manual for Men -

Malone, R.: Southern Bloodlines and Hushed Whispers -

Maloney, Sharon: Sharon's Verses and Philosophies About God and Three Divine Works -

Mandell-Rice, Bonnie Starr: Beyond Forgiveness: Spiritual Alchemy: Healing Your Life, Reweaving the World -

Mangone, Lou: Equinox: Seasons of the Witches' Moon: The First Two Seasons and Witches of Beziba: The Final Two Seasons -

Mangraviti, Joseph: Hooked on You -

Mankin, Cathy: The Key -

Mann, Jessica N.: An Expression of the Heart -

Manning, J.L.: The Night Watchman -

Manor, CE: A Man Called Moe -

Mantis: From an Empty Heart -

Mantle, Philip: Alien Autopsy Inquest and Mysterious Sky: Soviet UFO Phenomenon -

Marambola: The Continuum Factor and The Quantum Factor -

Marceron, Chris M.: Redefining Eden (1982-2004) -

Marcus, John: The African-American Man of the New Millennium -

Marie, Nicole: Cupid's Arrow -

Mark, Mary Ann: Coffee Cup Poetry and Me With Thee: Vol. 1 -

Markham, Geneva G. O.: Simone: Gypsy of Appalachia -

Marks, Allan: Timeless: As the World Stands Still -

Marlin, Brick: The Darkened Image -

Marr, Margaret: The Ghosts of Daemon Yarborough and Wings of Thunder -

Marshall, David: The Prophecy of the Chosen Ones -

Marshall, DJ: Alpha Treaty -

Marshall, Dennis: Karonteon -

Marszalek, Therese: Breaking Out: The Journey of Transformation into the Image of Jesus Christ -

Martin, Brenda Darnley and Mary Lee Gibbons: Freddie, Hector and Tish: The Treasure-Hunt Fish -

Martin, Chris: Hollow Eyes -

Martin, Dusten: The Statesboro Inn -

Martin, Jacki: God's Path to Golden Splendor -

Martin, Kathy L.: Kathy's Kaleidoscope of Poetry -

Martin, Michael (M&M): Poetry Series, What Love Could Do: Twisted Fate and AckWarVar: The Protector of Life -

Martin, R. Merial: Deterrent -

Martin, Walter: Walter's Two Short Stories -

Martin, Vernon: Conquer the Culture, Master the Culture: Because If I Can Do It, You Can Too!, and Master the Culture: Because If I Can Do It, You Can Too! -

Martin-Makuk, Pamela: The People Movers and Pandora's Legacy -

Martina, Tricia: Whispers In The Wind -

Martinelli, Dina: Don't Give Me That Pricely, Princely, Puny Purple Pony, Neither -

Martinez, Kari: A Pathway to Survival -

Martinez, Janice: How Do I Know There Is a Heaven? -

Martinez, William: Achieve Your Goals Now!!: The Key to Personal Goal Achievement -

Martins, Sharon J.: Murray -

Martins, Sharon J.: Murray -

Mason, Yvonne: Stan's Story: A Touch of Love - Masson, Peter: Passages of Time -

Masters, Arlene: Poetry by Arlene Masters: 1980-2005 -

Mathers, Anna M.: The Pain Within and Waiting for the Sunrise -

Mathes, Kevin P.: Arthur Grimster Junior Detective: Secret of My First Case -

Matthews, Brad: Where the Nightmares Rehearse -

Matthews, C.W.: Subjective Reflections -

Matthews, Claire: From the Ashes of Love -

Mattis-Sprouse, Duone S.: Pieces of a Dream Deferred and A Wish in One Hand -

Mauro, Bob: The Landscape of My Disability in Original Poems and Paintings -

Mauro, Sherry: Even Angels Fall and The Face of Heaven and Tangled Souls -

Maxfield, John C.: Mansend -

Maximovich, John: The Johnny Apple Seed of the Ohio & Erie Canal -

May, Richard J.: Jacob's Pal and Plant an Evil Seed -

Mayberry, Karen: Scilia and Salina -

Mazzenga, Joseph and Christine Major: Hybrid Seed -

McAlpine, Stacy: He's Just a Friend -

McArthur, Barbara: Requital -

McBride, Brian: Drummers: Rites of Passage on the Parade Route: Book I—The Trainee Chronicles of a Teenage Syncopated Drummer -

McBride, Micky: Going Against the Grain -

McCaa, Jane: The Politics of Illusion and Peace on Earth -

McCall, Veronica A.: Dear Sistahs -

McCarthy, Harvey: Demon Rising: The Black Lotus Chronicles - Volume 1 -

McCarthy, Vicki: Intertia -

McChesney, Christopher: If One Only Looks: 85 Years of Ghost Stories -

McClain, Roderick M.: The Devil's Prey -

McClelland, D.G.: Native Spirit: Short Stories and Poems of Early Native America and Native Vision -

McClellon, Shayla V.: Lovely, I Die -

McClure, John D.: With Death Comes Fun -

McCormick, Cat: Vampires' Realm, Hepzibah, and A Vampire Is Born -

McCorvey, Chuck, Sr.: The Eagle's Journal: The Stealthy Bird of Prey -

McCracken, Sean P.: The Hospital: Part One: Rude Awakenings -

McCrary, Corbyn Kate: Favorite Sins -

McCusker, Michael Patrick: A Road Without End: The JUS BROTHERS Motorcycle Club, 1990–2007 -

McDaniel, Alisha: Desolate -

McDaniel, Priscilla: Crystal Pines and Morningside -

McDaniel, Tarsha: When Nobody's Watching -

McDaniel, SR: Stolen Soul: In the Beginning…-

McDonough, Kelly: Crazy for Kate -

McDowell, Monique M.: Bruised Kisses: Affliction vs. Affection -

McFarland, T. O.: Snowe  -

McFetridge: Deceiving Angela: A true story of one woman's journey from abuse to exile -

McGee, G. W.: The Looking Glass Man -

McGee, Terri: Dream Invader -

McGinley, Gloria G.: Two Weeks After and Unfair Justice -

McGlade, Tammy Marie: Stolen Innocence -

McGranahan, Rick: Visiting the Ghost of PuppyBoy -

McHugh, Rosetta: Poodiky Oglethorpe -

McIntyre-Williams, Ruth: Stones Seven -

McKenney, Marion Willingham: A Dream Come True and Dem Church Folk and Roosevelt Junior High -

McKinney, Gertrude Constance: Yahweh's Bride and Shepherds Who Slay the Sheep -

McLain, A. D.: Wolf of the Past -

McLeod, David Conlin: Two Past Twilight and The Audition -

MacLeod, Heather: My Pal Valentine and The Trials and Tribulations of Life -

McMahan, Lisa: My Texas Hero and Intricacies of My Thoughts -

McMahon, V. Karen: I Saw a White Horse Today -

McManus, Mary: New World Greetings: Inspirational Poetry and Musings for a New World -

McMiller, Theresa R.: Sensual Sovereigns and Nubian Conqueror -

McMorris, James: Cottage Cheese and Cancer: And Other Things Your Doctor Does Not Tell You -

McMorris, Sophia L.: Shattered but Not Broken -

McNaul-Nelson, Cyndy: Vanished Without a Clue: The Adventures of Chris Seivers & Friends -

McPherson, Guy R.: Academic Pursuits -

McQuiston, Joy: Cruel Deception -

McWilliams, Timothy: Daily Bread -

Mebele, Apostle Dr. Victor M.: Locate Your Adversary, The Secret of Answered Prayers and Living Successfully -

Meers, Khrystina-Lee: Alleyway Songs and I Wish You Could Live in My Shoes for a Day -

Medley, Cheryl Comer: The Alessandra Sapphire -

Meissner, Jackqueline: Why Am I Brown?: (A Child's View of Multi-Cultural Adoption) -

Melchionno, Marion: Patty and the Little Pony That Could -

Meley, P.A.: A New Epoch -

Melton, E. F.: Two Bubbas' Bar, Grill and Speed Shop: Red Necks, Alcohol and Fast Cars… I'm Having Trouble Seeing a Downside -

Mereki, Judith: I Must Walk: A Journey of Faith, Hope, and Love -

Menker, Mel: M.E.S.H.: How to Have Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Health for Life -

Merten, Reverend Harold, D.D. Ph.D.: Understanding God -

Merritt, Averil: Just Hang Loose: A View of the World Through the Eyes of Pre-Schoolers -

Mertz, Caleb A.: The Silhouetted Leaves and With Thoughts of Jason -

Messineo, Michael Charles: Maddy's Secret: The Search For Einstein's Lost Work -

Micheli, Dustin: The Devil's Harp -

Miga, George: The Final Mission: Grant and Lee -

Migliarisi, Gerald: Sports Poems -

Mikulka, Brad: I Am Ghost Hunter -

Mild, Rosemary: Locks & Cream Cheese and Hot Grudge Sunday: A Paco & Molly Mystery -

Miles, Marcia: Fabulous Foods: Fun Flavors -

Miller, Bob: Kill Me if You Can -

Miller, Diana K.: Confessions of a Teenage Bride -

Miller, John "Jack": All Crooks Welcome -

Miller, Jon Michael: Jamaica Girl and Key West: A Story Sequence and Life Boiling Over -

Miller, Leta R.: Light the World with Me: Choosing to Live in a Friendly and Welcoming Universe -

Miller, Nolan: For Love to Live and Journey to a New Land -

Miller, Scott E.: Prairie Whispers and Prairie Sunsets: Sequel to Prairie Whispers -

Miller, Tekla Dennison: A Bowl of Cherries: A Memoir -

Miller, Wayne A.: The Growing of Cristianity: A Different Perspective -

Miller-Johnston, Renee: Courtney Logan Kennedy Presents "Zoe" -

Milliron, Melissa: Can't Stop: The Story of One Man's Fatal Addiction -

Mills, G. H.: Mr. Tumbelton's Secret Mirrors of Global Warming - Mills, Mark Anthony: To Protect the Innocent -

Milner, Claudette: Unheard Voices and Children of Plains Estates -

Miranda, Henry: Fellowship with God: Bright Lights on the Path Leading to Jesus -

Miranda, Marco, Sr.: A Matter of Energy -

Misty, Wear: Deadly Passion -

Mitchell, Alice: A Father's Heart -

Mitchell, Malinda: The Store Down the Road -

Mitchell, Phillip K.: The Revelation of Eternal Completion -

Moeller, Mary Donovan: Generation Dances: A Caregiver's Journey -

Moeller, Sherrel: From Glory to Glory: And all of us with unveiled faces seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory" (2 Corinthians 3:18) -

Moffatt, Gregory K, Ph.D.: Stone Cold Souls -

Moffett, Alan: The Eighth Crest -

Moisher, Philip: Chet Hudson and the Loch-Ness Treasure -

Moll, Susan: Your Transformation into a Butterfly -

Molnar, J. Thumann: Lams of the Reich: The Children of Nazi Germany -

Mondich, E. H.: The Crystalline Rain -

Monsour, Angie: Just Flip-Flopping Around: A Collective of Thoughts from Within -

Montes, Ana: The Luv Swing - Montgomery, Lynn: Burning the Fat on the Fire -

Montgomery, Lael: Avenue Blues -

Moon, Mary: The Last Miracle Mile -

Moore, Diane M.: Sophie's Sojourn in Persia -

Moore, P. B.: The Day the Buffalo Ran -

Moore, Phil and Patti: These Last Days -

Moore, Sharri: Guide to Politically Incorrect Travel -

Moran, J.R.: Writings For Eternity -

Moran, Kelly: An Insomniac's Dream: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories -

Moravits, Will: A Sin For Generations: Anne's Story -

Moretz, Kay: Feather Kisses -

Morgan, Cheryl: 2Friends 4Ever: A Journey To Reunion , and The Brothers Lewis -

Morgan, Ed: Short Notes From the Heart -

Morgan, Jack: The True Story of How Lacy Gasper Solved the Crime Spree and I Should Have Been a Long Distance Truck Driver!: Five Stories from the Gasper Family -

Morgan, Tammi L.: Emerging Butterfly: Finding Life Beyond Anxiety Disorders -

Morin, Kimberly: The Bird Angel: Saving the World One Bird at a Time -

Morrill, Charlie Wayne: Enchanted Life -

Morris, Jennifer: The Rosary Killer -

Morris, R.C.: The Ether Zone and Tender Prey and Don't Make the Blackbirds Cry -

Morris, T.J.: The True Heart -

Morrison, G E: Understanding Police Officers and Staying out of trouble -

Morrison, Kevin: The Accursed Realm -

Morro, Scott: Last Ups and The Cross Over and Danni's Gift -

Morrow, Bridget: Step into the Blender -

Morton, Anjanette: Planning to Conceive -

Morton, Jermaine R.: Blackstreet -

Moser, Melissa: Hapaway: A Place Called Home - Moskal, Evangelist Daniele Luciano: Many Are Called but Few Are Chosen: Knowing Your Calling and Prayers of the Old Testament -

Mossman, Michael B.: Celestra's Universe and On Celestra's Wings -

Moult, Elizabeth: Doves and Angels -

Mousie, Smiling: Smiling Mousie's Life of Trials -

Mozena, Carey: The Prince of Two Worlds -

Mroczkowski, Lawrence: Everlasting Dreams -

Muhammad, Mary Allison: Journey of a Soul -

Mulder, John B.: Creation's Sensible Sequence and The Gems of Heaven -

Mullinax, Jerry: Jasper's Castle -

Munroe, Maria: It Gets Better!: What I Learned from Cancer -

Muqueem, Samia: Visions of the Soul -

Murawski, Pamela J.: Yesterday's News -

Murchison, Josehf Lloyd: Tails of a Gay Incubus: The Memoirs of Divine Turin -;

Murphy, Loretta A.: The Pipes Are Calling and Irish Roads -

Murphy, Mary Alice: Return to Baghdad: An American Woman's Journey -

Murphy, S. Kay: Tainted Legacy: The Story of Alleged Serial Killer Bertha Gifford -

Murphy, W. A.: Handcuffed: A Friendship of Endurance -

Murray, Donna Close: Mottsie, Wolf of Great Price -

Murray, RC: Prole Nation -

Murray, Rosalie: Bobby and Bun Bun's Afternoon Adventure -

Murzyn, Debbie: The Healing One: Book One of The Dreamwalker Trilogy -

Musau: A Love Story -

Musico, Ann: The King's Daughter -

Mussler, Rich: Tales of the Twisted Texan and Twisted Texan and Other Stories -

Myers, Edward: The Lizard Shall Rise: An Anthology 1996-2004 -

Myers, Robin: A Caregiver's Journey, and Pinky Rabbit Learns to Share -

Mykytok, Michael: Bloodhunt, The Witch's Curse and The Coin -

!Myster?ous M!: Footsteps of Love, She's in Love: Who Knew the Fight? Vol II, The Lonely Flower, and Success is What You Make It: Dominate Your Life -

MysTory: The Other Side of Love and The Run Around: The Ultimate Story of Love, Hustle and Karma -

Nanna, T.J.: Mind Untamed: Collected Poems -

Nash, Bobby: Evil Ways -

Natan, Rene: The Red Manor and The Jungfrau Watch and The Collage and Operation Woman in Black and Cross of Sapphires and Mountains of Dawn -

Neeves, Emily A.: Missing -

Nelson, Joan Thomas: Before, During and After AIDS: A Mother's Love and Memories -

Nelson, Kathie: The Newcomer -

Nelson, M.L.: Minions of Dominance -

Nelson, Mac: Waiting for My Fingers: One Man's Reflection on Sin, Suffering, Healing and Victory -

Nelson, Patricia: Cool Spring and The Mystery of Apartment 2A -

Nelson, S.M.: Hallowed Moon -

Nelson, Vernelle: Don't Invite Me to Your Pity Party and Favorable Conditions -

Nemitz, Susan Beth: The Musings of a Busy Mind and Yours Truly -

Nesbit, Terence Edward: Heaven Help Me Talk To Strangers and My Prerogative -

Neth, Scott: Where Shadows Scream -

Netherton, Dale: The Manipulators and A Quittance: A Sequel to The Manipulators -

Neuman-Scott, Mark: Lady Luck's Smile -

Neumann, Richard W, Jr.: Jack's Last Promise -

Newberry, Ron: Out of the Shadows: Learning to Live in the Light -

Newell, Ben: Major Sam Woodfill: The Greatest Soldier of WW I -

Newland, Jerry: The Military is Like a Cold Shower . . . Somebody should tell you about it before you get in -

Newman, Diana Marie: Gramps' Tales: Pig Ride -

Newman, Franklin: The Sorceress of Shandigore: The Knights of Callista and The Princess of Flourae -

Newman, Marlon: Self-Made Gangsta Lover-

Newton, John T.: Demons in the Dark: An Alcoholic's Tale -

Newton, LaDonna: Black Diamond -

Newton, Steven J.: The Old Sergeant -

Nguyen, Thoi V.: The Making of a Believer: From the Rice Paddies of Viet Nam to the Cornfields of Iowa -

Nicholson, Shelly Faith: Jake the Snake and the Stupid Time-Out Chair -

Nickerson, Elder Clyde: Bridging the Gulf: Understanding and Ministering to Hip-Hop Youth -

Nicol, Clark: Outside In -

Nightingale, Silver: Ozark Mountain Odyssey -

NightWing{s}: Bound Freedom: The Story of Lorna and Peter -

Nipper, Tahiem: 100 Portrayals Through Poetry and Tantrum Timmy -

Nixon, Caroline: A Mom's Guide to Sanity: The Journey of a Metaphysical Mom -

Nixon, Laura: Out of the Ashes -

Noble, Janet R.: FigureShaping: The Completely Natural Weight-Loss Protocol, Featuring an Introduction to Nutri-Escience - The Science of Essential Nutrition -

Nobel, Joanna: The White Castle -

Noble, Rhonda: On a Rainy Day -

Noffsinger, Nicole: Renegade Night -

Nolting, J.: The End of Summer -

Norman, Brad: The Oris and Business Trip -

Norris, Ellen: Anaya's Purpose -

Norris, Mark: The Winds Over Malibu: A Collection of Poems and The Cries from My Heart: A Collection of Poems -

Norris, Nina: Travel Tips for the Unseasoned Traveler -

Norton, George: Den of Iniquity -

Noto, Tony: The Stoker File -

Novitsky, Bill: In the Bunker -

Nuest, AJ: Forgetful Hearts -

Nuetzel, Arlington: 2027,  New Madrid, Missouri and Murder in March Commons: A Steven Burr Adventure -

Nurse, Ann: From Terror to Love Defined -

Nusum, Dorinda D. E.: The Back Pew Crew -

Nystrom, Richard S, Sr.: Our Universal Mind -

Obmann, Erik J.: The Officer's Journey -

O'boyle, Laurel: Froggy and Bug -

O'Brien, Marsha J.: Once She Was Young: The Loss of a Mother, the Growth of a Daughter -

O'Brien, Thomas E.: Digger's Place -

O'Dea, M. Eileen: Winged Angel: The Clash of Good and Evil in Verse and Prose -

O'Donnell, Candy: Seeing with Psychic Eyes and Past Life Memoirs of Atlantis: One Person's Journey - mhtml:

Oakes, Corky: Señor Fideles: Adventurer of the Sierra Nevada and Beyond -

Oakley, Marilyn: Let Your Heart Soar and Wannabe Partners In Crime -

Obrien, Mark: Simple Thoughts from My Eyes Wide Open -

Obsidian: The Darker Side of Light -

Obuaya, E.J.: Anchored Assurance -

Oby, Yvonne: The Articles from the Closet Chronicles - Odenwelder, Joann C.: Thirteen Buttonholes -

Ogunware, Anthony T.: Chiller: The Official Breakup Guide of the Future—Volume 1 and Fatal Relations: Chiller -

Ohep, Jesus A. Sanchez: Building a Nation: One Person at a Time -

Olafemi: Sunrise from the Waters -

Oliva, Nick: Only Moments -

Olsen, Marci: Lessons to Live By: Character Building Books for School-Age Children -

Olson, Roy: From Bistros to Bible Study -

Olsson, Dr. Peter, M.D.: Malignant Pied Pipers of Our Time: A Psychological Study of Destructive Cult Leaders from Rev. Jim Jones to Osama bin Laden -

Opler, Dr. Lewis A.: Resurrection and Redemption: A Story of Hope & Recovery -

Orford, Emily-Jane Hills: Spring -

O'Reilly, Martin: The Lord, the Lady & the Duke: Vol I. The Umbria Collection -

Orr, Carolyn Brackin: It Happened in Oakville: Deep Reflections of My Past -

Orr, Fran E.: When Mommy Was a Soldier -

Ortega, Barbara: The Nightmare: Dying Without a Will -

Orten, L. J.: The Shoe Box -

Ortiz, Jacki: Heart Aches & Rainy Days -

Ortolani, Tom: A Place Prepared for Us: And, Learning to Live There -

Owin, Jack: It's a Long Way Home -

Osmond, Gordon: So You Think You Know English -

O'Toole-Freel, Judy: Aardvark, Aardvark, How Do You Do! and Looking for the Sunrise -

Ottenberg, Eve: Reluctant Reaper, Suburbia and What They Didn't Know -

Ottley-Okubo, Margaret: On the Wings of Time -

Otto, Steve: Can You Pass the Acid Test?: A History of the Drug and Sex Counterculture and Its Censorship in the 20th Century -

Ousley, Jerry D.: Soul Challenge -

Ovalles, Misty: Do Animals Feel the Same Way I Do -,,,

Owens, L-M: Darius, Prince of Legend and Darius, Master of Dragons -

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