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Fabian, Randy: Riding My Tornado: An Addict's Journal -

Fachler, Yanky: 6 Officers, 2 Lions, and 750 Mules -

Fackerell, Stephen Edward: My Inner Light: A Journey in Poetry -

Falconer, Tempest: Souls Entwined -

Fallon, L.E.: Trip to Paradise -

Farley, Linda Sommer: A Childhood Taken Away by a Mother and Grandfather -

Farnsworth, Randy: A Stand Yet Taken -

Farrell, Thomas: The Jessica Project -

Farris, Jason: The Apparition and Other Tales of the Supernatural -

Fasone, Robert: A Chase After Wind and Bread Upon the Water -

Fass, Amanda: My Mommy the Wilderness Fire Fighter, Jack & His Cat, Farm Friends -

Faulkner, Brett: Deception in Deceit -

Faust, Gabrielle S.: Before Icarus, After Achilles -

Fawcett, Kathy: In the Eyes of a Grieving Daughter -

Faye, Della: Always Try Just One More Time -

Fazio, Wanda: Butterflies in Lemon Fields -

Fels, Michael David: Gone to Ground -

Feltman, Thomas: Destination Evil -

Ferguson, J.M.: Bubbles the Little Pig -

Fernandez, Joel: The Blazing Pursuit of Passion -

Ferreira, Suzanne: Recovering: A Meditation Book for Persons Recovering from Addictions and Emotional Problems -

Ferriell, Phil: Getting in the Game -

Ferris, Christina: The Old People: Mastering the art of love and care through their experiences & stories -

Ferris, Jane: Irreversible Damage -

Few, Richard: SpookLand: The Beginnings -

Fielder, AG: Baby Daddy Drama: Let the Games Begin -

Fickey, Brenda: Beckoning Shadows -

FiloLuna: Before and After Life -

Finch, Vivienne: My Journey With Pain -

Finelli, Susan C.: Behind the Shadows and Fading Shadows -

Firestone, Linda A.: Dancing with Gods: A Collection of Women's Short Stories -

Fisk, Katie: Flying with the Angels -

Fitzsimmons, Christy: Krissy and the Indians -


Fleming, Hal: The Brides' Fair -

Fleming, Nickie: The Cavalier's Daughter and Diamonds for the Devil  -

Fletcher, Penny: Where the Wild Rose Grows and Why Snakes Don't Have Legs -

Fletcher, Richard: Where You Go, I Will Follow -

Florence, Amy: A Big God Cares for a Little Me -

Flores, Eddie T.: Overcoming Strongholds of Fear -

Flosnik, Dennis: Milk Toast Marine -

Flowers, J.L.: Jarrett, King of the Dragon Lords -

Floyd, Tonya D.: From Where I Stand, It Is What It Is and But Sometimes There's More -

Foley, Barbara: The Door to a Man's Heart -

Fong, Rana: Ponderings Within -

Forbes, Bill: An Anchor in the Prairie -

Forchette, Dean J.: The Chimera Virus -

Ford, Harriett: Shadow in the Rain -

Ford, Laura Ann: McCullen -

Forester, Monica: Alison and Ara, the Becoming: An Erotic Thriller -

Forgang, Marc: Top Nine Ways to Personal Financial Enrichment -

Foster, Geoffrey: Clockwork -

Foster, Grant: The Forest of Copplestone Lane and The Pearl of Dubai -

Foster, Markeeta: Specks -

Fountain, D. L.: Fountains and Wishes and The Fountain FOCUS: Whatever Works! A Classroom Management Approach for Traditionally and Alternatively Trained Teachers -

Fournier, Jack: TomCat Down -

Fowler, Tom: All in His Past and The Latson Disappearance -

Fox, Kimberly K.: A Distant Star: Volume One and A Distant Star: Volume Two -

Foxcroft, Dianna L.: The Corner of 6th Street and Survival -

Foyt, Lois and Jon: The Test of Time and The Landscape of Time -

Frazier, Jan: Murder Times Three and Mission to Murder -

Frazier, Walt: In Due Time -

Free, Scott: Ceiling Folks -

Freeman, Mark: The Kindling of Greenfyr -

Freeman, Melba: Miss Melba's Simple Summary of the Apostle Paul's Letter to the Romans Catch a Gleam of Glory Bright! and "Miss Melba's" Simple Summary of the Apostle Paul's Letter to the Romans: Catch a Gleam of Glory Bright! -

French, Herb: The Man from the Fifth Oneida -

French, Stephen John: Healing Sticks and Escape from Vietnam -

Frick, Ed: Retirement Daze and Parting Salvos: A Senior Citizen Lets Off Steam! -

Friedland, Jerry: Deadly Personal -

Fritts, Gayla: Broken Mirror -

Frye, Karen: Frye: A Snowman Story -

Fryer, Cindy Jo: The Nitronian Mission, The Wlixan Conflict: Book III of the Nitronian Chronicles, and Zonar: The Nitronian Chronicles Book II -

Fujita, Wayne: The $100,000 Scholarship: Middle School Prep -

Fuller, Mike: The Armageddon Reign: Refugees of the End -

Fullers, Tracy: Corey and Skylar in the Land of Lavish -

Fumento, Rocco: A Lesser Saint -

Furlin, Bob: The Love Flower: a story of promised love & fidelity and The Honey Revenge: A Cuban Connection -

Ga, Yves: A Man Who Still Believes in Love - and

Gabor, Tara: A Sense for Deception -

Gabrielle, Elissa: Peace in the Storm: Poetry from the Heart, for the Soul -

Gage, Kathy: The Fallen Leaf -

Galanos, Kathy Lynn: Daylight Nightmares and Daylight Nightmares II: The Betrayal -

Gales, Wayne: Doorstop on a Houseboat in Key West -

Gall, T.K.: The Passing of Time -

Gallego, J.M. and M.A. Saavedra: 38 Lessons for Living: Hard and Gentle Insights to Experience Personal Growth and Life Lessons of the Dojo: Martial Virtues Explained -

Gallien, J.P.: Wings of the Message: A Sufi Perspective -

Galligan, Virginia M.: The Pen Remembers -

Gallik, Daniel: A Story of Dumb Fate -

Gallio, Lou: Omega-Alpha: Spies, Missiles and Clouds of War -

Gamberling, June Manger: Midwest Midwife -

Garcia, Edgar G.: Apo -

Gardner, Carole: Real Horsemanship: Promoting Ultimate Teamwork Between Horse and Rider -

Garnes, Ruth: Fantasy/Controversy or My Reality -

Garrett, Michael: Lydia's Birth -

Garrison, Jim: Tomorrow's Child and Ladies of the Middletown Valley Social Club: Love, Lies & Murder -

Garza, Sufani: This Little Light of Mine…: A Spiritual Survival Guide -

Gauthier, LaFlorya: Whispers in the Sand -

Gaylor, Terrence E.: OHS: The Ohio River Fever: No Cure, Few Answers, and Only Hope: One Man's Battle with the Incurable Disease -

Gazdag, Adam: The Non-Born Heir -

Gee, Carol: Diary of a 'FlyGirl' Wannabe: Life Lessons of a Cool Girl in Training -

Geiger, Lorraine Lynch: Trouble at the Blueberry Patch -

Gemberling, June Manger: Midwest Midwife -

Gentry, C. K.: Listen to What I See -

Gentry, Elizabeth: Dark Allies -

Gentry, K.D.: Dragoune Malan -

Gergel, David A.: Signs at the Roadside -

Gersh, Debbie: Jessica's Story -

G'Francisco, Michael: Chicago's Jack -

Ghiora, Wendy: Unleashing the Student's "I Can" -

Ghorayeb, Marise: Sorcery in the Alleys -

Giannamore, Kathy: At the Foot of the Cross -

Gibbons, Joyce: What God Has Made! and Home on the Ranch and Girl Talk and In the Still of the Night -

Gibson, Curtis E.: Daddy's Tavern -

Gibson, Sherri: Chasing Dreams and A Doorway to Hearts and A Spinning World -

Gifford, Brenda Munday: The Charon Covenant -

Gill, Joyce: Promises Made -

Gillespie, Steve: A Glimpse of Reality and A Sparkle from Within -

Gilmer, Beverly: This Is Dedicated To: -

Gilmour, Shannon: Persistent Grace -

Ginsburg, Seth: Don't Talk to Strangers and New York Suite 1975 & Selected Poems -

Gladman, Susie: Inter-Winding Lives -

Glasco, Sue: Down on the Farm -

Glenn, Will: The Green Lady: Phildelphia's Urban Legend -

Glesener, Loretta: Bringing Back Dinner Time -

Goerman, Robert A.: Weird Happens: Investigator Handbook -

Goguen, Lise Juliette: We Belong Together... forever and a day -

Gomez, Richard: Albuquerque: Breaking Bad -

Golden-Smith, Peggy: A Hint of Lilacs -

Gollihar, Doug: Wahnayah and Isla de Blanca: White Island - Golson, Kyle: Darker Prisons -

Good, Tree: The Language of Poetry Forms -

Goodell, Michael: Zenith Rising -

Goodman, Larry: Clean Up the Glup and The Cowboy and Other Stories -

Goodnight, Lora: AngelWing Cove -

Goodwin, Timothy: Pariah  -

Gordon, Kim: Woof-Man: A Woman's Guide to Her Man's Inner Canine -

Gordon, Paul: Bogey-Man on Gaston Street -

Gore, Wilma: Something's Leaking Upstairs -

Gorg, Alan: Looking for the Real Thing -

Gorley, Robin: A Lifetime of Words and A Lifetime of Words: Spirit for the Soul -

Gosling, Darin Wesley: As Distinguished as it Is -

Gosnell, Genie: Precisely Out of Order -

Gosney, Garry William: Controversial: Dreams Wishes Hopes Lyrics -

Gott, Patricia Probert: So You Wanna Be a Cowgirl and Cowgirl Days -

Goudie, Jason T: Slaves of the Shadow -

Gould, William A.: Hell's Road Saga: The Ignorant and the Damned -

Goulet, Joel: Silver Fox and Death of the Apocalypse -

Graham, Claudette: Jarrod -

Graham, J.L.: Wheels of Mercy -

Graham, James H.: Prosperity, the Jagged Trail -

Graham, Lisa Faire: Olly Oliver & Rap Jack: The Endangered Journey -

Graham, Timothy James: Little Larry -

Granata, Diana: Come and Meet Baci -

Granaudo, Rose: Golden Pearls -

Granberry, Mark: The Tattooed Conscience -

Grandpa Casey: Meet the Müsh-Mice -

Grant, Crystal: Warrior Boy and Grace Beyond the Border and Grace Against the Tide -

Grant, James Gary: A Marine's Thoughts on God, Country and Family -

Grant, M. E.: Blood of Scotland -

Grant, Ron: Reach Me Down the Moon and Then Came the Music -

Grant, Susie Pelz: The True Story of a German War Bride -

Gray, Amanda: Virtual Murder -

Gray, Ann: The Intangibles File: A Gathering of Heirs and They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles -

Gray, Ann S.: The Intangibles Files: A Gathering of Heirs and They Will Soar on Wings Like Eagles -

Gray, Bernard: The Wrath of Heaven and Chilled Liquid -

Gray, Dawn: The Vampire Legacy: The New Queen Rises and The Light, the Dark, the Heart: The Vampire Legacy II -,

Gray, Warren: Death Stalker and Steel Dragon and Persian Ghost and Black Falcon -

Grayson, Richard: Weepin' Willie -

Green, Ann: Montana Fire -

Green, Bob: Casting Out a Little Deeper: A Devotional to Deepen the Faith of Fishermen -

Green, David: Unequally Yoked -

Green, Randy: Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes: An Exposition of the Scriptures for Disciples and Young Christians: Volume 1: Genesis -

Greenberg, Gene: Swimming for Life: A Guide to Swimming for Fitness, Health and Enjoyment -

Greene, Joseph R.: When God Gives a Time Out -

Greenlee, Doris: How Did I Get in This Mess? -

Greer, Hannah: The Magic Cottage -

Gregg, Steven H.: Keeper of the Scrolls -

Gregory, Dennis: The Last God: Jesus, Mortal Man, Persian Prince, Great Hero -

Gregory, Margaret P.: Socks and Parking Places -

Gregory, Sasia: Shades in Love - Incriminating Evidence and Shades in Love II: The Secret Within Her -

Gressman, Erica: Emerald Skies: Book One of the Monhagan Chronicles -

Griffin, Dennis N.: One-Armed Bandit and Pension -

Griffin, Leonard E.: Curry: The Search and Curry: The Wizard -

Griffin, Terri: Full Paige -

Griffs, Virgil: Beyond the Peace River -

Grigg, Phoebe: Bird Legs Angled Out -

Griglen, Shanteria "Poetizer": Raw Emotional Lyrics -

Grimes, Bill, Jr.: I AM and I: A Collection of Poetry and Short Stories about the Miracle of God's Love -

Grogan, Leander: Orange FingerTips -

Grooms, Julie: The Rightful King and The Quest for the Magic Staff: The Rightful King 2 -

Grosh, Stacey M. Lane: The Truth About Caroline -

Grosjean, Amber Rigby: Cursed Blood -

Grosse Ivie, Mary-Anne: The Fairy Folk and She: a Tale of Friendship and Love -

Grossman, Laura: The Sighing of the Winter Trees -

Guilmette, Patty: Under a Blanket of Stars and A Healing Journey of Dreams: A Sequel to Under a Blanket of Stars and Finding Kyle Some Style -

Gunn, Stephen: When Two Souls Connect: The Real Soul Mate Story -

Gust, Ellen: The Colors of Abadiania and Other Poems and Life Below the Clouds and Pitter and Patter -

Guy, Carol A.: Sins of the Past -

Guy, Donnie: A Biblical Look at Why People Are Not Speaking in Tongues Today -

Hachmann, John O.: Journey into Peril and The Dark Water Murders and The Tears of Destiny -

Hackel, Patricia: Deadly Refusals -

Hagen, Jack: The Zambezi Incident -

Hagen, Mary Lou: A Taste of Texas and Tarnished Honor and Texas Widow and Gambler's Widow -

Hagood, Dan: Perhaps the Poignantly Random Rambling of a Hollywood Extra -

Hairston, Christian M.: A Diversity Designed for Purpose -

Hales, Lynda: Identical Deception -

Hall, Brandon J.: Reflections: The Chronicles of a Man Scorned -

Hall, Cynthia L.: Secret Sacrifices -

Hall, Doug: Britons Pride -

Hall, Edward L.J.: The Glowing Stone - Hall, Floriana: Hearts on the Mend -

Hall, Karen Wheeler: Illumination - Inspiring Stories about Finding the Silver Lining -

Hall, Terri L.: Denny and Denise: A Story of Two Ducks: Introducing Pretty Boy and Fella -

Hallford, Daniel: Upper Noe -

Halloway, Jarrod: Lilith's Letters -

Haloran, Riddly: Ghost Dancer -

Halstead, Jack: Crack Down! and Knocked Down -

Halstead, Stefanie Merie: The Night of the Festival -

Hambleton, David D.: Old Salt: Yarns from the Fabric of Life at Sea -

Hambleton, Sandra: Dark 80s: a collection of short stories -

Hamilton, Wesley: The Cycle Can Be Broken -

Hammett, Beth LaMascus: Natalie: Diary of a Senior Year -

Hammond, Paul F.: Interference! -

Hancock, Edward, II: In the Breath of God: Mendez II -

Haneberg, Janet: Moonlight Madness -

Hanna, Shirley King: Coto, Child of the Ocean -

Hansen, Mary L.: Kiss Me, Stranger -

Harff, Gigi: Liam's Letters, Mundéle, Nightmare, Eyes Wide Open, The Sommelier's Connoisseur, and Threefold Cord -,,, and

Harkleroad, J. D.: Blood Atonement and Ketch Colt and Swep Culhane and Freezeout! -

Harm, Dave: Creating Dreams, Damaged Merchandise, and War Zone, Backing out of Hell -

Harpe, E. Don: born wolf...DIE WOLF: The Last Rampage of the Terrible Harpes and Resurrection: Rebirth of the Terrible Harpes: (Book Two in the Harpe Series) -

Harper, Carla J.: Recovering: A Meditation Book for Persons Recovering from Addictions and Emotional Problems -

Harper, Carol: Of Face Value -

Harriall, Chandra V.: Seeking a Spouse in a Foreign Land -

Harrigan, Michael J.: What Does the Tooth Fairy Do With All Those Teeth? -

Harris, Don: They Won't Let Me Teach: What's Happening to Public Education? Why "No Child Left Behind" Is Short-Changing Our Children -

Harris, Kathy Pippig: For the Spirit-Soul -

Harris, Metia: My Eternal Creations -

Harris, Michele: The Syrup Lady -

Harris, Sheba: Collector of Misfits and Collector of Unfortunate Souls -

Harris, Steven: The Invisible Watermelon -

Harris, Vernnon: The Travelers and The Cats of Coward County and Sweet Water Canyon -

Harris, Victoria: Romancing Earth: A Tribute to the Wonderful Planet Earth -

Harry, Pamela: My Body and Me -

Hart, Earnest, Jr.: How to Vacation and Travel Safely…and Come Back Alive -

Hart, Louise: The Gift of Love and Rosie's Rule -

Hartford, Brian A.: Red Ink: The Timpano Dossier and Change of Heart: The Brian Hartford Story and Echo! Five! Hotel! -

Harth, Lea Hulse: Her Rambling Heart: A Journey Through Love -

Harvey, Cindy D.: Mississippi Intrigue -

Harvey, P. T.: Scout, a Journey in Faith -

Harvey, Vonnique: Liquid Blue -

Harwell, Arlene: Poems a la the Farmer's Daughter -

Hauser, G.A.: The Physician and the Actor: A Story of Greed and Ambition and In the Shadow of Alexander: A Soldier's Tale and The Rise and Fall of the Sacred Band of Thebes -

Havel, Harvey: Freedom of Association and From Poets to Protagonists: Fiction from the Hudson Valley Poetry Scene Featuring the Poets as Main Characters -

Haven, Susan: America: A Dream Come True -

Havens, Karen L.: Of Parallax and Singularity and Of Bad Poets and Skeptical Muses: A Metaphysical Comedy -

Hawes, Adrienne Hill: Moving Danielle -

Hawkins, Larry Jason: Tree Talk -

Hawkins, Monique: 2310 Weary Lane -

Hayes, A. Jarrell: Reign of the Good King: Book Two of the Good King Trilogy -

Haynes, William P.: The Church of Mephisto's Seed: Book One: The Day of the Awakening -

Hays-Gibbs, Linda Drue: He Would Make Her Pay and Sailing in My Sunshine and Escape into Magic -

Healey, David: Rebel Fever  -

Heathcoe, Judy: The Rod -

Hearth, Liese: My Dog Burps! -

Hebert, Betty Lou: Heritage of Hawk Hill -

Heckenkamp, Therese: Past Suspicion -

Heffron, Sean: Seams -

Heisner, John R.: Meditations on Masonic Symbolism and Advanced Meditations on Masonic Symbolism -

Hemingford, Abigail: With a Promise - and

Hemenway, Ronald: Elf Circles -

Hendershot, Janet McGuire: Backyard Burial -

Henderson, Barbara: The Broad Way -

Henderson, Janet: The Assassin Who Loved Her -

Henderson, Randy L.: An Analysis of the Book of Job: Revealing Your Unique Purpose in Christ -

Hendricks, Norm: Monstrous -

Henle, Mike: Through the Darkness: One Man's Fight to Overcome Epilepsy -

Hennings, Kevin: Clear Blue Haze -

Henningsen, Chris W.: Dating Tips for the Newly Single Man -

Henningsen, Janet J.: How to Achieve Well-Being Using Your Senses -

Henry, Bob: Kickin' the Trees and Lightin' the Fires -

Hensler, K.: Why Worry?: The Adventures of Bay/Bob/A/Loo/Bop Everything in Moderation -

Hepner, Cynthia: Love's Journey Home -

Herr, Michael A.: The Kaua'i Obake Bar: A Primo's Talk Story Book -

Hester, E.V. Pete: Lost in the Black Range and The Saga of Zachary Williams: The Sabine Kid -

Heukrath, Sarah: Sweet Sorrow -

Hewett, C.J.: Swift & Silent -

Heyward, Grace: The Kiss to Betrayal: Coming Through Emotional and Mental Abuse -

Hibbeler, Stephen Paul: A Wonderful, Magical World -

Hicklin, Karla: Awakening by Departure and Reincarnation Claims and Out-of-Body Experiences Explored: Body and Soul Search and She Slept Through It and Disparate Women, Charlatans, and Conspiring Whores: A Handbook for the Modern Woman -

Hicks, Charles: Secret Cargo -

Hicks, George W.: Settling the Colonial Southwest: Road to Revolution and Colonial Wars and the Southern Frontier: Defining a New People and Revolutionary War Amid Southern Chaos -

Higginbotham, Roland and Gwen: Surviving the ‘70s in Small-Town USA -

Hill, A. Robert: The Foundlings and Yucca Woman -

Hill, Amalie: Ambolaja: Into the Light and Discontinuity: Volume Two of Ambolaja -

Hill, Brian R.: The Shintae -

Hill, Hope C.: Silhouettes of Hope and Always Have, Always Hold, Always Cherish -

Hill, Lena: Naked Expressions -

Hill, Stephen: Defying Ignorance: Exposing Christianity's Most Popular Myths -

Hill, Tommy: Space: What Now?: The Past, Present, and Possible Futures of Activites in Space -

Hinds, Karen: My Encounters With God: In My Own Words -

Hiner, Danielle E.: Growing with Joe and Mommy Can I Play With Tommy?: Based on Joseph Hiner, a boy with Cerebral Palsy -

Hines, Emilee: East African Odyssey and Burnt Station -

Hobesh, Joseph: Sephardic Farewell: Ancestors -

Hodapp, Margaret: Dearest of Friends, Faithful Friends, Hidden Legacy, and The Friendship Circle: Book Two of: The Crystal Lake Friends -

Hodson, Noel: The Haunting of a Favourite Son: The True Story Of A Very Shy Man and AD2516: After Global Warming -

Hoey, Allen: Voices Beyond the Dead and On the Demon's Trail -

Hofard, Donald: Dane: A Life and Time Thereof: First -

Hoffman, Geoffrey: The Jewish Pilgrimage: An Exploration of Reality, Mainly in Verse and Steps into Poetry: Nonsense and Other Verse for Children -

Hogan, Helen: Driven to Win and Unicorns Don't Wear Shoes -

Hogsett, Matt: Poems to Ponder -

Hoh, Molly: Creating the Purrfect Tale -

Holder, Timothy D.: Nixon and His Men: The Road Through Watergate -

Holman, Geoffrey D.: Ghettoetry: A Collection of Poetry and Illustration -

Holmer, David: Eat Yourself Thin -

Holmes, Stephania: Broken Dreams and Keyed In -

Holowchak, M. Andrew: Life of a Jellyfish and Hotel Bob: An Exceptional Tale of Unexceptional Love -

Holsey, Alvin I.: A Killer Story: (Paparazzo Adversity) and Miraculous New Life for Ellie and Scribblings of My Thoughts -

Holt, Charlotte: Praise the Lord for Roaches!: And Anything Else That Bugs You -

Holt, David D.: Underground and DemeTdron -

Holzapfel, Lawrence: The Ignorance of God -

Honeycutt, Susie: Alfaland -

Hoofard, Donald: Dane, A Life and Time Thereof : First Bounty -

Hope, Jaimie: Who Says You Can't Go Home? -

Hope, Sabrina: Deep in Me -

Horan, Evelyn: Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl: Book Two and Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl: Book One and Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl: Book Three and Jeannie, A Texas Frontier Girl: Book Four and Rain on My Wings and Inspirational Fun Stories and Articles and Inspirational Readings and Poetic Rhymes and Exciting, Fun Stories and Moving On and Aging with Gentle Attitude -

Horton, Billy G.: Little Sis and When the Owl Cries -

Horton, Jim: The Foot Log Incident -

Horwitz, Richard A.: A Perfect Fit -

Hoskins, Joyce McDonald: Ashes Of Yesterday: A Dr. Miles Whyte Mystery and The Last Swallow: a Dr. Miles Whyte Mystery and Belinda Bowdine, PI: A Dr. Miles Whyte Mystery -

Hossler, Sam: A Bloodstained Land -

Hoover, Betty Lou: Career Woman -

House, Brandy: Under a Toadstool and Scorch the Dragon -

House, Michael "Dee": You Crazy Lunatics! -

Howard, Reverend Doctor Victoria Allen: Satan's Final Confession - and

Howard, Michael Paul: The Ruby Helmet -

Howe, Jeff: From Here to Never: Time Travels from Maine -

Howell, Christy: Eloquentia: Book One and Eloquentia: Ruberton's Academy Book Two -

Howland, Justin: A History of Orthopedics, A California Bonesetter's Autobiography, and Life and Lectures of Lent Johnson, MD -

Hrbek, Apina: Pandemonium, A Journey to the New World -

Hubal, Jason A.: Remnants of Chaos -

Huber, Ron: What Makes a Leader and A Ward of the State -

Huff, Stephen: Breathe Free or Die: The Layman's Guide to MOLD and other Indoor Air Quality Problems -

Hughes, Donna L.: Love Notes from the Heart -

Hughes, Mike: Storm Clouds -

Huisinga, H.B.: Deracination -

Hull, Patsy Culp: An Arranged Departure: From a Mere Sharecropper to an Angel Escort to Heaven; One Christian Woman’s Difficult Journey Through Life -

Hulme, Angie: To Tame the Wolf: A Shadow Walkers Novel -

Hulshizer, Ronald R.: Apocalyptic Ink -

Hulton, Edmund: Absolution: The Ted Roth Story and Death Message -

Hunt, Bonnie: Danger! Keep Out! and The Missing Chimp -

Hunt, Debbie Colleen: Lyrical Heart: A collection of inspirational poetry - and

Hunt, E.E.: Paris Under Siege and Paris on Fire and A Death in Dallas -

Hunter, Thom: Road Doggin' -

Hupf, Zetta: Henry Goes to the Park and Detective Buddy and the Case of the Missing Football -

Hurley, Paul: Liverpool Soldier -

Huskey, Abby Lynn: All the King's Horses -

Hutcheson, Kenneth: Saratogan Trees -

Hutchinson, Stephan: The Concrete Cowboy -

Iannucci, Brian: The P.C. Fraud: Political Correctness in American Politics -

Ijaz, Fatima: Glass-Butterflies Caught in a Prism -

Imunique, Imagine: Is Death the Answer? and How I Tried To Kill My Baby's Daddy -

Intili, Henry: New York City Days, 1965 and Travel Junkies: An Older Couple from Georgia Explores the World with Backpack and Canoe -

Inzko, Arnold J.: Ethos Returned and The Faith of a Gunsmith and The Siblings' Legacy - Irwin, CathieJo: Rabbitwood Farm -

Isaac-Arceneaux, Kitty: Any Time, Any Place: Prayer Book -

Isaacs, J. W.: Myths, Legends, History & Me . . . 101 Poems -

Isaacson, Max D.: How to Strike It Rich in Small Business: 25 Secrets for Super Success! -

Isaacson, Terry C.: A Flight Through Life -

Isch, D.G.: Archie and the Preacher and Into the Desert: A Ralph Moon, Christian Detective Novel -

Isringhaus, Gary: King Brute -

Ives, Leon: American Tradition & Leadership: Take Back America -

J-Me: Mason Bricklin -

Jackson, Brent: First Room On The Right -

Jackson, Sally Michelle: Poems From A Transgendered Heart -!HOME/mainPage

Jackson, Shaena: Get a Clue -

Jacobs, Crystal S.: Pearls & Diamonds and Risqué -

Jadeaux, Barris R.: Cross of the Brotherhood -

Jaffe, Arnold: Decision -!home/mainPage

Jairemont, Roij: Twilight of the Worlds: Illusions -

James, Gary: EPIPHANY: Three Wise Kings of the Magi -

James, Gill: Jason's Crystal and Clown School -

James, Kimberly: Beneath the Mountain -

James, Michelle A.: A Black Sheep in the Fold -

James, Ronald: Drainers -

James, Terry: Adam's Apples: Dream Doors Series: Book I -

Jane, Muriel: Tip of the Quill -

Jarmond, Charles L.: Black Inc. -

Jayaprakash, Raghavan: Life Blossoms Like a Rose in Thorns -,

Jean, August: Combat to Compensation -

Jeffs, Daniel B.: Letters to the Editor: From the Trenches of Democracy -

Jenkins, D. Allen: The Making of Tobias Ivory: Freedom's Quest -

Jensen, James: Project: "Sentinel" -

Jensen, Kathryn: Splash! -!%20for%20web.htm

Jarrard, Dan: Messages of Hope -

Jergovic, Zorcia: Discover Me -

Jetter, Roger A.: Bangin' Gears & Bustin' Heads and Fast Cars: 4-speeds and Fist-Fights and Recollections, Regrets, & Random Acts -

Jewell, Isabella: Artificial Landscapes of the Infinite Mind -

Jiles, Kyona: Outrunning the Hunter -

Joas, Barbara: Liberate Me -

Johansen, Tesia: The Christmas Secret -

Joh'nell, Christie: Spend My Life With You - Johnson, Amy: Hope's Journey to Salvation -

Johnson, Andrew: Drinking From the Empty Cup: A Reexamination of Traditional Christian Ideas -

Johnson, A.S.: The Vampire Empress Chronicles: Caroline's Path -

Johnson, Arthur W.: Crackhead: The Diary of a Lost Soul -

Johnson, Davy: The Killing of Sparrows -

Johnson, Don: Valor Wore a Green Sash -

Johnson, Glenn Ross: Carnivores and Vampires and Teaching in Middle Schools -

Johnson, Ian and Stephens, Lauston: Our Oneness in Christ -

Johnson, Julia: Jewels Treasured by Her Famly and Three Roses For Pearl - Johnson, Kenneth E.: The Mirror Doesn't Lie and Reflections of the Mirror -

Johnson, Norma Tadlock: Soldiers of the Mountain: The Story of the 10th Mountain Division of World War II -

Johnson, Perla Serabia: Global Warning -

Johnson, Terrance: The Prince of Weapons: The Fragment Mirror -

Johnson, Trisha: Kiron -

Johnson, Will: The Perfect Pretext -

Joiner, Ann Levingston: A Myth in Action: The Heroic Life of Audie Murphy - Jones, Arrione M.: Voices in the Morning, Whispers of the Night -

Jonell, Bob: Katie the Cricket -

Jones, Aubrey: Immortal Boundaries, Book One: Adyton Revealed -

Jones, Brandy: Where Darkness Touches Light -

Jones, Bret: The Cowboy Culprit: A Vince Gibson Mystery and The Santa Claus Mysteries and Windrows and Keepers at Home: A Study -

Jones, Brett A.: The Earth's Four Fighters -

Jones, Brian Maldwyn: A Welsh-Canadian in China -

Jones, Carlos L.: 25 Years to Freedom: My Journey to GOD -

Jones, Cedric: I Wear the Colour Green -

Jones, Deborah: The Moral of the Diary Is… -

Jones, Ferris E.: To Burning Man -

Jones, Harvey: The Jones Boys: Their Lives and Times and Red-Dog War -

Jones, Lisa: From Chan to Chandra -

Jones, Michael: Seeing the World Through the Eyes of God -

Jones, Molly: The Choosing Tree -

Jones, Rodster: Boyhood Memories: Sometimes My Pants Felt Funny -

Jones, Stacey Jeanette: Diary of My Heart -

Jones, Steve: Livin' Large in a Small Town and Desert Rose -

Jones, Tracey: Pieces of My Heart and Cry No More -

Jordan, Dion: All That it Takes is All that You've Got and All That You've Got is All that it Takes -

Juma, Florence: Finding Home -

Jungel, Karilea: Yesterday's Love -

Jurino, Diane: Feeding the Multitude: Ministering To The Poor As We Enter Into The Kingdom Of God -

Jussaume, Christina R.: My Walk with Jesus: Inspired Poetry of God and Nature -

Just, Eli: Letters and Whispers to Mary Jane and Manny Jones and the Place: Book One of the Manny Jones Series and Within and Without: Book Two of the Manny Jones Series -

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