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PA Books Become Movies!

Author TJ Stokes recently announced that her book, 11.11.11, is being made into a screenplay. The script is being written by Doug Klozzner of New York City. Klozzner's credits include feature films such as Ironsides and Falling Awake, and the television show Gabriel.

Also Up in Lights

PublishAmerica Author on Lifetime Television

Victoria Yousefi, author of Omid's Mission: A Tribute to My Son, will appear on Lifetime Television's "The Balancing Act". The segment will be recorded on April 27 and will air nationwide on July 12. Yousefi will be discussing her book, which chronicles her son's inspiring battle against aplastic anemia dyskeratosis-congenita, a rare and fatal blood disease. The story will touch your heart and capture the pure innocence and kindness of his soul. It's a story about hope, love and faith.

"The Balancing Act" airs weekdays 7:00-8:00 am ET/PT and hosted by Beth Troutman and Kristy Villa. "The Balancing Act" is America’s premier one-hour women’s morning show that is ambitious and inspiring-- while illuminating new ways for women to achieve success in all areas of their lives. "The Balancing Act" is dedicated to creating trusted solutions-- for women facing today’s great­est challenges.

Woman Priest chronicles the spiritual journey of The Reverend Jackie O'Neal, S.T.M. from her early discernment in an Episcopal parish, the Church of the Ascension in Atlantic City, NJ, to her eventual incardination to The Old Catholic Church of the Americas headquartered in Florida and Kentucky. The book consists of spiritual reflections, anecdotes,commentary on issues affecting the world and the church, and international projects the author is part of as an arm of her ministry. The reader will come away with a better understanding of the role of women in the church, and the book will make the reader aware of urgent needs outside of their borders, and encourage them to reach out. In addition, the book explores several theological issues from sacramental theology to Ecclesiology. The book is intended to be a collection of reflections. Read More.

PublishAmerica Author Recognized for her accomplishments by Maryland Senator Kristine Bainbridge received a letter of recognition from Washington County represenative, Donald Munson, for her writing achievements. Brainbridge recently released her second book, dark_god, a follow up to her 2008 work, Semi-Artistic Failures. See the letter from the senator here.

Alex Trebeck Sends Letter to PA Author
Alex Trebeck Sends Letter to PA Author
After sending a copy of his book, From the Mind of Mentalllll, to Alex Trebeck of Jeopardy, Mr. Shannon L. Clements received a congratulatory letter.


More Up in Lights

PublishAmerica Author Inks Movie Deal

Christopher Forbes, Director and Producer of Forbes Films announced today that an agreement has been reach with Author Andy Anderson to produce a feature film based on Andy Andersons novel The Golden Countess
I devoured THE GOLDEN COUNTESS in an afternoon after receiving the book and I have to tell you I found it a very enjoyable read. I think Andy did a great job with the Mike Edwards character and I imagined that a big part of that character is autobiographical. He reminded me a little bit of Ed Harris in THE ABYSS, except with a better sense of humor. We are looking forward to a great long lasting relationship with Andy, this will be a great adventure movie and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to produce, Said Mr. Forbes. For more information on Forbes Films go to:

Jel Jones Appears on CNBC & CNN
PublishAmerica author Jel Jones has been invited to appear on CNBC and CNN to discuss the financial aspect of the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. Jones if the author of seven PublishAmerica books, including her latest release, Michael Jackson Rocked the World and Lives Forever.

Boxer Signs Contract with PA
John Ortiz, a sportsman associated with boxing for over fifty years as not only a fighter, but also a trainer and manager, has signed a contract with PublishAmerica to publish his book, My Life Among the Icons.

Rae Lee Signs with PA
Rae Lee, an actress in The Deep Dark Woods: No Witnesses, has signed a contract with PA to publish her book, As Timeless As Infinity.

Director/Writer/Producer Signs with PublishAmerica
Letitia Popa Schwartz, director, writer and producer of The Yin & Yang of Randy Lawrence, Humble Beauty: Skid Row Artists and Linda Leisure and H.O.M.E., has signed a contract with PublishAmerica to publish her book, An Offering of Oranges.

TV Producer/Writer Signs with PublishAmerica
Merilyn Read, producer and writer of TV specials such as Babar and Father Christmas and The Teddy Bears' Scare, has signed a contract with PublishAmerica to publish her book, I Will Not Be Used.

London Renews PA Contract
London Renews PA Contract
Boyd Thomas London, author of Creeton and Dream Wanderer, has renewed his contract for Creeton with PublishAmerica.

"Jack London was my distant cousin," the author told PublishAmerica staff. "He would be very grateful, to see a London and a relative writing books."

Fran E. Orr Has Mothers Day Interview
Fran E. Orr Has Mothers Day Interview
Fran E. Orr, author of When Mommy Was a Soldier, will appear on channel 7 on Mother's Day. Ms. Orr and her book will be featured at 6:30 PM in an interview with Allison Starling.

"Publish America did a fantastic job"

"For what it’s worth, my book was published by PA in August of 2004. Like many, I read and understood my contract before signing. Publish America did a fantastic job with publishing the book, and have fulfilled the contract to a ‘T’. Since then, I’ve done extensive research on other publishing companies and successful authors. Perhaps I had visions of grandeur in thinking that all that was required was to write a great, marketable book and the publisher did the rest. How wrong I was. You won’t find a better deal from any publisher."
--Kevin James
Author of: Surviving the Single Dad Syndrome


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