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About One Of America's Most Spectacular Book Publishing Companies

FACT #1: Unique among all traditional book publishing companies, PublishAmerica has served 50,000 authors since 1999. Almost 20,000 of them have asked us to also publish their next work, an amazingly high number of loyal return authors. To date we have published 70,000 titles.
FACT #2: We pride ourselves in giving new and unknown authors the opportunity they deserve by maintaining lower acceptance barriers than any other traditional book publishing company. We further lower the barrier to publication by including no, as in: zero, author fees in our standard contract. The essential process of preparing a book's final manuscript for production, and of formatting, custom designing, and illustrating the pages and cover, and of making them available to bookstores worldwide, and of informing news media upon the book's release, is absolutely free.
FACT #3: National TV stations ABC, CNN, FOX TV, and MSNBC have broadcast interviews with PublishAmerica authors to millions nationwide. Iconic radio hosts Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, Oliver North, and NPR grande dame Diane Rehm have done the same on national radio, broadcasting to millions of listeners. PublishAmerica authors have also been interviewed, reviewed or introduced in countless newspapers across the country, from the Washington Post to the Los Angeles Times to Women's World Magazine to the New York Times. PublishAmerica issues many hundreds of press releases about our new book releases every week, for free.
FACT #4:The average time to get a book to print is between two to six months. The design and production process can usually be significantly expedited if the author promptly submits all necessary information and materials, and if he or she is a fast communicator when responding to inquiries from PublishAmerica's staff. Rush releases are also available, at a rush fee.
FACT #5: Today, the entire publishing industry uses the digital printing technology, aka Print-on-Demand or POD. It allows the printer to manufacture a book in any quantity at a time from one to thousands. PublishAmerica uses this POD technology to print books as they are ordered rather than printing an inventory of its titles prior to publication. By reducing its overhead, PublishAmerica has found a way to offer its authors a contract without requiring a fee.
FACT #6: PublishAmerica is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. We even pay small advances to indicate our principle. The author is never obligated or expected to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever. All expenses involved with acquiring new titles, formatting, custom designing, and illustrating the final manuscript into a book, making books fully available to all bookstores at home and abroad, and informing news media upon the release of a new book, are underwritten by PublishAmerica solely.
FACT #7:While PublishAmerica performs the essential publishing functions for free, it also encourages authors to get heavily involved in the promotion of their books. No two books are the same, no two genres are the same, no two authors are the same, which puts limitations to a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to assist authors with promotion, PublishAmerica has a Special Services department, staff who provide, as the name says, special services that go above and beyond our one-size-fits-all free production, publishing and press release service. They attend book fairs and festivals at home and abroad, to promote books and/or authors, or seek to draw the attention of select vendors and/or media, or attempt to sell foreign rights to foreign publishers, etcetera. They charge a promotion fee for the special services. These services are optional. Thousands of authors have requested these services. Thousands of authors have not
FACT #8: PublishAmerica authors have done thousands and thousands of book signings at bookstores, libraries, and many, many other venues including an aircraft carrier. Bookstores order PublishAmerica titles numerous times every day. and list all PublishAmerica titles.
FACT #9: Our art department custom designs all book covers. We take author provided suggestions and ideas into serious consideration. We know our authors want quality, and we produce quality. Our book covers are widely praised throughout the industry. PublishAmerica artists also illustrate children's books for free.
FACT #10: Movie rights, audio rights, TV rights, merchandising rights, the copyright all remain the author's. We are only interested in publishing rights. We don't want any other rights, unless an author requests that we carry them, so that we can negotiate on the author's behalf with third parties.
FACT #11: Ebooks: electronic publishing rights are part of every book's publishing rights. PublishAmerica has converted thousands of our books into e-books for Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, Kobo, and Google's e-book store, typically at a fee.
FACT #12:Exciting changes have transformed the book publishing industry. Many more authors can join the ranks of published authors each year, resulting, among many other things, in the release of over a million new titles each year.. Every book's success begins with the author helping to raise awareness. We hope that you will work with us, toward raising your book's chances of success. Always remember: having a book in publication alone is not enough. Don't enter the publishing world with false, unrealistic expectations.

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