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Pictures of Our New Office
Pictures of Our Old Office
After three years of steady growth, we're now receiving a constant stream of requests from authors to tour our offices. We're very happy that so many of you are so interested! We'd like to meet you too!

But, if we brought you in for visits, we'd need a full time staffer just to give tours and serve you coffee! So, in a lame attempt to appease you, we thought we'd show you some pictures of where we work, and tell you a little bit about it.

Our building is a large 90 year old townhouse, or brownstone, in Frederick, Maryland, a clean, well lit, quaint, touristy sort of town just east of the western Maryland mountains. The area is very rich with Civil War and rural, mountain oriented history. Known for being culturally part of rural areas and farming, Frederick is now thriving partially due to being reasonably close to Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland.

Since we're in our fourth year of steady growth, we've been tempted to move several times, but we've always ended up staying since we like our old building so much.

Originally heated with coal when built in 1910, the building was upgraded decades later to the higher tech solution that we enjoy today: clanking, hissing radiators, that put out lots of moist, comfortable heat. The building offers other niceties also: the hardwood floors creak, the windows rattle, and a glass door knob will occasionally come off in your hand.

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