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The #7 book is...

The Convent and the Rose
by Kathy Bunn-Schultz

After five years as a prisoner of the Mescaleros, Maria escapes to Presidio, where she begs for work in a cantina owned by the local madam, Mama Sieta. There she meets lovable and unique characters such as Old Bac, Sheriff Tucker, and Pigtail, who is afraid of the spooky church, San Cristóbal. An Irish nun gives a few laughs and encouragement as she vies with Mama Sieta for the soul of the young girl. Wicked Juanita and curiosity are the greatest enemies to the love she has for Montana, her rugged outlaw with the gunfighter eyes, who is intent on stealing gold from another outlaw and uses some tomfoolery to reach his gold. Due to a misunderstanding, Maria is forced to play a dual role. What mystery binds her to the mission and convent of the roses, San Cristóbal, and the glowing cross? Will she ever know?






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