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The #4 book is...

They Said Sedna
by David B. Gunsallus

The poem They Said Sedna describes the profound moment an astronomer brings closure to a seemingly impossible connection he had earlier theorized. Providing evidence of his overwhelming love for his spouse on every street corner, he is compelled to bring expression to his theory using language and mathematics in a most unconventional yet overt manner known but to him. Simultaneously, an observant mailman suspects something extraordinary, but can't quite solve it until later in the evening, when his own spouse stumbles upon the hidden message.

Throughout this book there is a running thread of symbolism with regard to baseball, ancient Roman and Greek mythology, water, ocean sailing, the power of spoken poetry, desolation, barren landscapes, majesty, animal intelligence, hands and hand holding, use of irony, and spiritual and religious imagery. As well as the projection of my feelings through the words, characterizations, or dialogue of fictional subjects.






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