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The #2 book is...

Inside Maggie's Reward
by Kevin T. Nograsek

The hope was to have what everyone else had, a child and a family. However, Maggie and Konrad would struggle from the beginning of their marriage with unexpected obstacles that would push them into a spiral of lost hope and unanswered questions.

In order for Maggie to have a child she would have to start an in-vitro process that would shake the core of her existence. The emotions of Maggie's childhood would now co-exist within her adult life. Maggie was a child when she lost both of her parents while in California and she was now being raised by her evil step mother. How much did anyone know about her stepmother? This was a question that so many had few answers too. How much was one person willing to go to find out the truth?

The struggle to move on from her past would leave Maggie searching for hope and faith. Konrad, once a journalism student in college would propose and marry Maggie on the dunes of Cape Cod and shortly after would open the door to Maggie's past while they started their life together in New York. He knew Maggie deserved so much more from her childhood and most importantly, she deserved to know the truth. Konrad, in his search would find answers that would leave him numb.

The revelations of Maggie's past brought forth an eruption of secrets and what her father was able to save for her before his death. Would it be enough time for Konrad and Maggie to find? The obsession that was underneath would take its toll on them and control their search for answers. Konrad lost focus on what the reward was and he wasn't sure how to find it until he lost it in his life. In this unforeseeable storm neither of them could predict the outcome but through their love it would be enough to bring them the reward that they both deserved.






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