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Did You Know?

-Every day, 15 PA authors appear in news media
-The PA Public Relations Department sends out approximately 60 press releases per day.
-Articles about PA authors have been printed by newspapers in Germany, Finland, Pakistan, France, and Korea.
- PA receives 30,000 book queries per year.

Have You Heard of PublishAmerica?

PublishAmerica is a traditional, royalty paying publisher. We are strongly opposed to charging fees, ever. There's no catch, no hidden surprises. We even pay small advances to indicate our principle. The author is never, ever, under any obligation to pull their wallet to make any purchase whatsoever. We don't want their money. We want their book. All expenses involved with acquiring, producing, manufacturing, and publishing a book, and marketing it to the industry's wholesale and distribution channels for full availability through all bookstores at home and abroad are underwritten by PublishAmerica solely. This is one of our main claims to fame, and one that we are very proud of. All authors are treated equally here.

Dick Stodghill to Appear on
The History Channel

Dick Stodghill, author of Normandy 1944: A Young Rifleman's War will appear on The History Channel at 8:00 PM on January 19th and 26th 2007. The January 19 program will cover the breakout from Normandy, and the program on the 26th will cover the liberation of Paris. A British production company transported Stodghill and his wife in a limousine to Niagara Falls for the interview, returning them to their home in Ohio afterward.

The interview lasted for over an hour, and the director, Stodghill notes, "was pleased with it," due to other veterans' reluctance or inability to "open up and give specific answers to his questions, or ... to remember details of the combat in Normandy during the months of July and August 1944." Of the experience, Stodghill remarked that it was "interesting," and "good publicity for [his] book." Stodghill is also a regular poster on the PA Author Messageboard (, where he is known for his thought-provoking and insightful comments.

PublishAmerica Newsletter

An Author’s First Experience with a Writer’s Group

We got into the room where the group met and there were fifteen people who showed up in all. A newspaper woman began to speak about her writing experiences. She said that she was just finishing up with her bio and books synopsis for the publishing company she was getting her book published from. She had a lesson for the writers in the group and was giving her advice about what to do when writing. I raised my hand and interrupted her and asked what publishing company she was with and much to my delight she said PublishAmerica. The man next to me and I looked at each other and smiled and we both said at the same time "Us too!!!!”

Vickie Treadway,
My Charming Protector

Inside the PublishAmerica lobby in historic downtown Frederick, Maryland

Movie News

Filming for A.B. Keller’s Vortex of Revelation will begin in June 2007, and the movie will be shot on-location in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas. Some members of the crew at Kodron Productions have won, or been nominated for, Emmy, Cleo, and Cloney awards in their careers. Over 1000 people from 24 states are involved in this massive grassroots effort, and the music soundtrack of the movie now has 17 different Christian recording artists from all over America, including the Philadelphia Boys Choir.

Matthew Dovel to Appear
on 20/20

ABC's 20/20 producers have found Matthew Dovel's story chronicled in his book My Last Breath particularly interesting not because of his claim to have been in Hell for three days, but that his life has taken such a drastic change afterwards. Dovel, who once had a thousand-dollar-a-week drug habit, is now is the president of Intl. Suicide Prevention, Inc. a nonprofit international organization that promotes public awareness and family support relating to suicide. 20/20 will be taping Dovel's account starting January 21, 2007, which is due to air in the summer of 2007.

Alissa Dunn Wins Honorable Mention in
Writer’s Digest Contest

Alissa Dunn, author of The Unclaimed Christmas Gift, received honorable mention in the 75th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition in the Inspirational category. Ms. Dunn's story, "The Homecoming", which is also included in her book, came out as number 51 in the top 100 entries for the contest. There were over 19,000 entries in this year's competition. Writer’s Digest is a widely-recognized and respected magazine for writers.