Our Book of the Week Is...

Tales of Tura
by David Dallion 7th

Here you will find nine lighthearted tales of intriguing mystical adventure. The chapters are bound together by the strands of association. Welcome to the fascinating realms of colorful characters, dragons, aliens and synthetic beings. Discover unseen worlds as you are introduced to utopian society, and visit a futuristc city. Travel to locations like Montar, Jupiter’s Moon Ganymede, the Devil’s Playground and the shores of Lake Tahoe. Take a wild ride along Big Sur’s coast highway. Treasure this tale of tales and all its legends, for there is more to the story than meets the eye. Take the unreal journey through the hourglass that spins through space and time. What appears are the intertwining paths that lead you through the mysterious threshold of a modern-day storybook fantasy.

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