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The Search for a Lost Brother
by Yankuba Mamburay

This is a true story about a young man, Yankuba, who was born in a small African farming community. As he grew up he heard about a brother who traveled far and wide. In his community farm size is determined by the size of the family. So the absence of this brother left a big hole in the family’s structure. The family became devastated by the news that their long-lost son was in Liberia, where civil war broke out in 1989. In the year 2000 the author embarked on a dangerous journey to the war-torn country in search of his brother, without any clue where the brother lived. While searching for his brother in Liberia, he came across several military checkpoints and was apprehended by Charles Taylor’s troops who accused him of illegal blood-diamond trafficking.

Read to see how this adventurous, highly emotional, electrifying, and suspensive story unfolds.

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