Our Book of the Week Is...

Night School
by Ty Schwamberger

Mr. Ben Sanders has gone missing, and his infatuated student, Brenda, is determined to find him. She and Ben’s friend, Tim, are concerned his disappearance has something to do with the screams that came from a house on Denison Street and the mutilated bodies that are popping up all over town.

Things are about to become more complex in Brenda’s life. She uses the “skills” she has learned from being the community Peeping Tom to play detective and piece together clues to hopefully create a map to Ben’s location.

During the search for Ben, Brenda and Tim come face to face with seedy characters wandering the streets at night, drugs dealers, prostitutes, and oh yes, all those dead bodies.

Who is this maniac running loose on the streets at night? Why does he do it? What does he want?

Brenda and Tim will find out soon enough…

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