Our Book of the Week Is...

A Lesson I'll Never Forget: and Other Short Stories
by Michael F. Bavota

These sixteen short stories are a wonderful collection of fiction and non-fiction that enlighten, entertain, provoke inner thought and uplift all members of a family, both young and old. “A Lesson I’ll Never Forget” is a story for all of the dads. Imagine yourself left alone to be mother and father for thirty-plus days to a four-year-old. I can assure you that it is far more hours for a father and son to be together than nature ever intended. Over the years, friends and family have asked me to write stories for their young children. “Valerie’s Magnificent Hat” was written for a neighbor named Valerie, whereas “Listen to the Little Birdie” was written for a friend’s daughter named Whitni. “The Thespian Princess” was written for an actress I knew named Victoria. She was on a two-day trip to Paris. I surprised her with this story when she returned.

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