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Bittersweet Journey: The Story of the Wounding, Healing and Triumph of a Family
by Anthony Littlefield

Bittersweet Journey is a moving and compelling story, eloquently written by Anthony about his profound journey into his family’s past in slavery. It is the story of the wounding, healing and the triumph of a family. The place his ancestors once called home is Black Mountain, in the mountains of western North Carolina, the land of “Cold Mountain.”

Like many African Americans, at times Anthony found it very difficult to revisit some of the darkest days in our American experience. Yet, in his family’s healing process and our nation’s efforts to heal its racial wounds, it was important to seek out the truth about our past, regardless of the consequences. Even in these difficult times, the discovery of his ancestors, how they overcame slavery to begin life anew and how their lives enriched their community was a journey well worth taking.

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