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Even Angels Fall
by Sherry A. Mauro

Sherry A. Mauro has spun a spellbinding tale of love, deceit, lost innocence, and dreadful family secrets. Even as Sabrina falls in love and dreams of going to college, she is haunted by the mysterious suicide of Richard’s beloved mother. It is not until she discovers her diary that she is able to unravel the intricate web of lies that her family has spun all around her life ... to protect a horrifying truth that threatens her sanity. But in the malevolent mansion filled with locked rooms and hidden secrets ... there is an unspeakable evil that will threaten her newfound contentment. For within its cold walls festers a shocking secret ... a secret that will change all their lives forever!


Deliciously Suspenseful!
Dripping with romance and haunting atmosphere, this story will give you the shivers long after you put the book down. I was immediately drawn into the world of Sabrina Ayers...Literally jumped as I read the words, getting lost in the sights and sounds that filled the home of her fiancé’s dead mother. Even Angels Fall is written in a suspenseful, compelling, and enticing voice. Mauro delivers a fantastical plotline, rich with intrigue, power, and vivid detail and description. Her words run smooth with a hint of poetic flair. There is no putting this book down! She offers a romance that is beautifully balanced with light and dark, but it is the dark that will keep you glancing over your shoulder at every little noise or movement! I loved the powerful imagery, the words literally poured from the pages, colored in texture and style. The feelings were realistic, believable, and the dialogue unsurpassable. Characters fed off one another with wit and emotion. We feel compelled to hate certain characters, yet learn to love them in the end, even if we aren’t supposed to. Mauro has delivered a brilliant read and I look forward to all her future endeavors. There is more than meets the eye in “Even Angels Fall” and it’s a true masterpiece from a talented author who has opened her world to us. Haunting, spooky, and deliciously suspenseful!--Nancy Jackson, Mohr Reviews

Don't Plan On Putting This Novel Down!
Very seldom does a story spook me enough to cause me to scream and nearly launch myself off the bed when a gust of wind slams into the side of the house. When Even Angels Fall reached the mysteries of the Tate Mansion, that's exactly what happened. As a child, Sabrina Ayers endured the taunts of her peers, those who hated her because she wasn't a "townie" and because she was a Devour with a dark family history. She listened to her mother and father arguing about money and an unspoken agreement. So it's no surprise she falls for the charming, rich and handsome Richard Tate even though there's something odd about him, especially when he talks about his long-dead mother who left this world by her own hand. And the Tate Mansion? It's alive with secret sins from the past. She can feel the evil breathing down the back of her neck, feel unseen eyes watching and waiting, hear it moving around her. Those walls have tales to tell and they'll stop at nothing to get Sabrina to listen. Even Angels Fall has passion, innocence and mystery leading up to a shocking climax. Once you reach the Tate Mansion, don't plan on putting this novel down, because you won't be able to.--Margaret, North Carolina

Excellent Novel!
I read "Even Angels Fall" and was extremely impressed with the thick plot and familiar characters. I especially liked the plot being twisted around the Tate Mansion and Sabrina's meetings with Catherine Tate, who was deceased but came back in ghost form as a warning or perhaps premonition into Sabrina's future. Certain scenes reminded me greatly of the late VC. Andrews book, Flowers In The Attic it had the same kind of taste, but without any strong violence. I am proud to say that a poem of mine entitled, "The House That Was Alive," is also featured in this book! I enjoyed "Even Angels Fall" from beginning to end and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a story with a twist of romance, mystery, and suspense all wrapped into a great gothic story. I will be reading all of Sherry Mauro's books!--Renee, Texas

Wonderful Story / Talented Storyteller
I picked up this book to read within a few hours of finishing East Of Eden and didn’t have very high expectations of enjoying any book right after finishing that one. Was I ever wrong! This was the one! I think women of all ages will love it as much as I did. It’s very interesting, unique, and certainly well-written by a very talented story teller. I was interested from beginning to end. If you like mystery, suspense, and romance, then this one’s for you. Don’t miss it. I do look forward to Sherry Mauro’s next book.--Lorene, North Carolina

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