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by Jerry Minchew

Michael Walker grew up believing that he was the son of Jake and Lisa Webber and that he was abandoned as a baby when Lisa was killed during a bank robbery. The discovery that Lisa could not have children leaves him confused and frustrated. While he is in the Air Force an accident involving a satellite seriously injures him. The satellite contains an organism that makes its way into his bloodstream. This causes him to heal rapidly and enhances his natural abilities. Thus Michael’s life is changed and Knighthawke is born. The Pentagon classifies him as top secret. Michael feels out of control of his own life. Scientists want to study him. The military wants to use him as a secret weapon in the Vietnam and Cold Wars. The Soviets want his blood. Michael just wants to learn his true identity, while his true family is frustrated in their efforts to find him.


Well Writtten book.
Mystery, intrigue, suspense all describes Knighthawke written by author Jerry Minchew. Knighthawke is a fictional story about a young man kidnapped shortly after birth and brought up by the couple that kidnapped him and the foster family who took him in. The events that transpire in Michael Webber’s life will keep you turning the pages as each event unfolds and adds to the suspense of the book. Jerry Minchew has written an incredible book; one that I am sure will spur other books in the same series. The characters are believable and the plot is well thought out. If you enjoy reading books that you will not be able to put down then Knighthawke is the book for you.--Tom, Oklahoma

Hidden by trees, the dark figure waits for the best moment to make his move. His powerful eyes can see enough in the night to know he has found a POW camp, and all his other gifts, and his courage, will ensure his successful mission.

Michael Walker was raised by his adopted parents in Alabama, but his true origins are unknown to him. He is told that he was left there by a young couple after a failed attempt to rob a bank. Motivated by his understandable desire to know himself, Michael joins the Air Force, while searching for information about his true parents. Just as he feels close to discovering the truth, he realizes he’s right back where he began.

But before he has time to begin the search anew, he is involved in a bizarre accident involving a satellite that leaves him on the brink of death. His recovery is miraculous, and leaves him with such amazing physical and mental attributes that he becomes a secret weapon for the military.

At first, the premise of “Knighthawke” is reminiscent of a Marvel comic book. And certainly, the powers that our hero is ultimately given, award him the title. But the author has made sure, in this first installment of what will obviously become a series, the lead character is fully created, rather than just appears. The reader learns exactly where Michael Walker has come from, and what his motivation to continue is.

The book is well written, although it could use one further edit, particularly in the introduction of paragraphs within dialogue, which often leaves the reader confused as to who is speaking. Otherwise, it is obvious that the author is an intelligent and creative writer.

Jerry Minchew is a veteran of the United States Air Force, presently working in nuclear security. He was raised in Alabama, and presently lives in Tennessee with his wife and children.

The true test of a novel is if it holds the readers attention, and this novel certainly did that. In true series fashion, it leaves not only room for a second novel, but for the necessity for it. Highly recommended for those who enjoyed the heroes of their youth, but want to enjoy the genre in a more adult model.Reviewer: Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews.--Nancy, allbookreviews.com

My wife Alice and I both read Knighthawke and were impressed with the intricate weaving of science fiction and humanity shown in the character development. I would encourage you to continue with your efforts in the literary field as there [are] precious few original works out there that appeal to readers on so many different levels. Michael is a very human hero with real vulnerabilities, which add layer upon layer of depth to his character. I look forward to the next installment in the series.--Peter, MIT

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