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Intimate Accusations
by Nyra Knight

Brea, a dedicated teacher, finds herself fighting allegations involving a student. She’s also pondering a marriage proposal from Mr. Right. During the stress of the hearing, she leans on her attorney for strength. Will she follow her heart and allow herself to fall for the man who understands her needs, or will she follow her mind and play it safe with the man who appears to be perfect?

After ten years of marriage, Kam finds herself doubting her husband. As Kam seeks answers, can their marriage survive accusations of infidelity when the evidence is overwhelming?

Mo, a fun-loving interior designer, can’t seem to end the cycle of dead-end internet relationships. Can she stop her serial dating and finally learn to love herself?

With love comes trust and respect. Brea, Kam and Mo lean on each other as they learn valuable lessons when accusations fly and hearts are broken.

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