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A Taste of Texas
by Mary Lou Hagen

Lyn DeVinney is a registered dietitian and a single parent. She is raising her daughter, Samantha, without the support of the father who has never seen her. Lyn loves her job as director of dining services for a retirement facility in the Texas Hill Country, but she admits the residents can be difficult.

Lawrence MacKenszie’s son, Burne, was sent from Indianapolis to San Antonio to manage a large construction project. Burne is attracted to Lyn when he investigates his father’s complaints regarding the food served at the home. Lyn has vowed she will never have another relationship with a man and tries to brush him off.

Her daughter is hostile to Burne and views him as a threat to her relationship with her mother. How can Lyn overcome her fears and convince Sam that Burne loves both of them?


Love is cookin'
All ladies can relate to Lyn, love is truely what we want, love without strings attached. This book is an easy read with sub plots to keep you hanging on all the way to the last page. Gary Allen wrote a song called "The One", this book could be the companian to that song!--Christina, Arizona

A Taste of Texas
Mary Lou Hagen has written some well researched, historical novels, TARNISHED HONOR,TEXAS WIDOW. AND GAMBLER'S WIDOW. They each represent through well drawn characters, and interesting stories, life in Texas in the years following the Civil War. In A TASTE OF TEXAS, Ms. Hagen, proves she can write a contempory novel equally as well. It is very clear to the reader that Ms Hagen writes from experience, and with understanding of life as it is lived today. One feels she captures the essence of her characters and tells a fast moving, captivating story. Hagen takes Lyn DeVinney, a single mother working in the Hill Country, from her hesitant reluctance to accept the attentions of Burne MacKenszie, a sensual, persuasive man, to the discovery of her awakening passion and his acceptance of a different lifestyle. Underlying Lyn's personal tangle of feelings, is a need to appease her hostile daughter Samantha, and Byrne's possessive father. Byrne, who works on a construction site in San Antonio, has problems of his own. Hagen mixes all of these characters and situations into a harmonious and believable tale. The authentic Texas recipes are an added touch and blended well into the story. This is a novel that will appeal to both men and women, yet be clean enough for the younger set.--Charlene, Texas

A taste treat
A TASTE OF TEXAS by Mary Lou Hagen is her first contemporary novel set in modern day Texas. As with her historical novels TARNISHED HONOR, TEXAS WIDOW and GAMBLER’S WIDOW she’s captured the flavor of a state both steeped in history and focused on the future. A TASTE OF TEXAS tells the story of Lyn DeVinney, a single parent with a painful past and Burne MacKenszie, the man who’s determined to make her and her hostile young daughter part of his life. Ms Hagen also blends a bit of mystery into her romance with a subplot revolving around thefts at the hero's construction site. But the main focus of the story is the intimate tale of two people falling in love against the sprawling backdrop of a state that’s larger than life – Texas. In addition, she’s included some wonderful Texas recipes for the reader to try and enjoy. A TASTE OF TEXAS is a definite taste treat.--Elysa, Illinois

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