Our Book of the Week Is...

Murder on the Trail: A Michael Harding Mystery
by Jason Dillard

Detective Michael Harding, a 23-year veteran of the Indiana State Police, is called in to investigate a horrific murder scene at Cowles Bog trail in the Indiana dunes. It is one of the worst scenes he has ever seen. Solving it is going to be difficult with his brand-new partner, JC Morgan. This case is going to take all of Detective Harding’s skills and knowledge to catch this demented killer. Detective Harding’s police instincts tell him that the killing isn’t drug related, regardless of what others say. He stays focused and follows his gut through the slew of suspects. While enduring tragedy and a lot of twists and turns, he continues in his pursuit of the killer. As Mike gets closer, another body shows up and Mike intensifies his hunt for the killer.

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