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Our Book of the Week Is...

Digger's Place
by Thomas E. O'Brien

When Digger McLaughlin went off to Cornell University, he didn’t realize what destiny had in store for him. Digger and his two best friends, twins Trip and Ivy Lamont, were youthful, carefree young men beginning life’s journey. They had no idea Ivy would descend into such resentment toward his brother that he would become colder, more cruel and evil than anyone could imagine.

A tragic accident in college triggered Ivy’s chilling behavior and he suddenly disappeared without finishing school. Digger and Trip lost track of the vicious twin over the years but Ivy never misplaced his resentment of his brother. And Digger never forgot the threat Ivy represented.

Ivy’s fixation on revenge was uniquely enabled by being an identical twin. This plus his determination to destroy his brother and all things Trip held precious takes Digger on an exciting journey filled with violence and treachery.

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