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Our Book of the Week Is...

A Lingering Shade of Black
by Nathan Reynolds

A Lingering Shade of Black finds two strangers who have lost everything they consider positive in their lives. After a seemingly random meeting with a being shrouded in supernatural origin, the two men separately agree to each take on the task of murder. The stranger promises them that he has the power to change their lives and restore their previous glory days any way they see fit.

Each receives a list containing five names, and the murders begin. Will the violence consume them or wake them up to the lives they already have? Armed with supernatural weapons and abilities, they quickly learn the prices to be paid for such grisly acts.

One man kills with balance and justice, while the other relishes the growing, tangible evil overtaking his life. Can an unlikely innocent convince one or both of these men to stop and repent before it’s too late?

The mysterious being in the chocolate-brown suit has his own agenda and won’t stop until his master’s will is met. Who will save themselves in this epic struggle of good versus evil?

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