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Our Book of the Week Is...

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem
by Louise Prister

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem takes you into the saga of a Hebrew family’s journey with emotion that deeply fills into your heart. The family lived through the Arabian pogroms in Palestine, suffered during the First World War, and endured the typhus epidemic. The family was victimized by the communistic revolution and the Stalin anti-Semites regime, exterminated during the Holocaust in the Second World War, and stripped of their dignity and put in fear during the Brezhnev time. The only way to survive was to work tougher, to learn harder, and to fight braver. With great difficulties, terrible tragedies, and incredible sacrifices, the family journeyed back to the homeland of Israel, the land of its ancestors. Fortunately, the words hunger, poverty, cold, fascism, communism, anti-Semitism, war, and pogrom are just terms for kids that hold no comprehension or empathy in their life. Unfortunately all these words still have their definition and power all throughout the world. We have to remember our past so that we, humanity, will not repeat our mistakes.

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