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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Global Conspiracy
by Marsha Spiegel

Holden Jennings is the only child of Robert and Marian Jennings. When her parents are murdered in Paris, the conspiracy begins. They are thought to be victims of a robbery, but it is soon discovered that robbery was not the motive.

Holden fears that her father’s trusted financial advisor might be involved. A serial killer is loose on the streets of New York and she meets a mysterious stranger who she later learns is an international assassin.

As the investigation continues, Holden and Detective Brett Cameron unearth secrets woven deeply within the infrastructure of the New York City Police Department. The novel depicts the step-by-step murders of Holden’s parents, and three victims of a serial killer. A member known only as the ‘Organizer’ is the mastermind of the entire operation and Holden and Brett work together to unravel the mystery of murder, greed and deceit that spans two continents.

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