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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Time Chamber
by The Scribbling Eagle

Some of God’s children have ventured from home and found their way into a world of darkness and despair. In this dark world, Satan is the ultimate ruler. Disconnected from their Father, this group of lost children will perish if not for a rescue team sent to retrieve them. The Messiah leads this rescue team as they venture into a world where life and love are systematically destroyed by the devil’s tyranny.

Once inside the dark world where life has the lowest priority, the members of the Messiah’s rescue team must reunite to complete their mission. This will be all but impossible because, inside of Satan’s wretched time chamber, everyone is spiritually dead. Will the rescue team be able to resurrect the lost children or will the devil’s machine destroy their dreams of returning home?


Listening from the Chamber
This book takes you into a place - the Chamber - which is what great books and novels are supposed to do , take you onto a journey away from your present time. It narrates and captures man's deviation from his creator, his separation from the house of abundant love, family and eternal happiness. Standing outside the gates are the trappings of temptation displayed in all variation to attract your attention by the Master Devil himself. These temptations are alluring for the simple minds but for the informed and educated minds, these temporary flashes are just what it is , temporary. The consequences of the fallen are well articulated and it is time for the child of the Great one to take the message and come back home to the house of their Father where love ,peace and harmony are ever so abundant. The Chamber is the work of a creative mind who's inspiration and gift is calling for all God created children to be aware of the danger lurking in the dark. Good reading--DMD, Maryland

The Time Chamber
The Scribbling Eagle will take you on a journey through The Time Chamber that will remind you that there are many obstacles in life but you must always keep your eyes on the one God who watches over all. There is always someone who wants what you have without knowing what it took for you to get what you’ve got. Yes! It’s hard to always look outside the box, but if you always do what you always did, you will always get what you already got. The journey of life has many roads. Think wisely before choosing the road that you will take. You are your bothers keeper, so love your neighbor as God has loved you.--Mrs. B, Maryland

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