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Our Book of the Week Is...

Satchel's Secret
by Marvin B. Blatt

Satchel’s Secret is a story based on friendship and how far someone will go to keep a secret, no matter what the consequences are.

Satchel Washington is a powerful man willing to go to all lengths to keep this secret. The story begins in Highlight, Kansas, the town in which Satchel lived his entire life. Five local boys saw something on a Saturday morning while playing baseball eighty years ago. They swore each other to secrecy using their secret handshake, which guaranteed that no one would tell anyone about what happened.

At the age of eighty-nine, Satchel is confronted by a local newspaper reporter. She gets a story out of him, but it is so sensational, she even questions if this old man is making this story up.

Full of action, twists and turns, you too will question Satchel’s sanity.

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