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Our Book of the Week Is...

Innocence Deceived
by V. K. Ezzo

Dating back to 1914 and spanning over three generations, lovers and husbands have always deceived the women in Sara Marino’s family. Left with broken hearts and broken trust, each learned to face the hard, cold facts of life, alone and scared, gaining inner strength from each hardship thrown before them. From a tarnished love affair to murder, rejection and abuse, the women rise above the strife and learn to cope and go on. Sara and her children fight for their very existence against one of the most insidious acts ever committed against another person. The inner strength of this family will give hope to those who have had to face the disillusionments of life. Amid all the turmoil, Sara meets a man whose determination to overcome her aloofness and distrust of men leads them into a romance that she neither wants nor is ready for. Sara is faced with the decision to begin living again or continue hiding in the world of hate and disenchantment.


Innocence Deceived
Heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. If you ever faced problems that seem impossible to overcome, read this book for courage and inspiration to fight to the end for what you believe is right.--Tori, New York

Innocence Deceived
If you have ever felt that life was just too much to cope with, you must read this book. It is inspirational and will give you the courage to overcome whatever life throws your way. You will feel an array of emotions but in the end you will feel empowered. It is a must read.--Emily, New York

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