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Our Book of the Week Is...

Moonlight Dare
by Carole Madrzak

Moonlight Dare addresses the problems children have adjusting to a new town, a new school, and the prejudice they encounter by exploring a peaceful way to deal with these problems. The main character, Jackie Jacobs, is teased and tormented by three boys, Bryce and R.J. Young, along with their one and only friend, Jerry. They torment Jackie, making fun of his size, looks, personality, and health. Their unyielding pranks and teasing finally weaken Jackie into accepting a dare. He must walk through a haunted house late at night with only the light of the full moon and a flashlight to guide him. Because he is susceptible to serious bouts with asthma, a harmless prank escalates into a life and death situation and a surprising turn of events, including a hero and life’s way of evening the score. Jackie’s good nature, courage, and kindness teach a valuable lesson in self-worth and acceptance.


Moonlight Dare
Moonlight Dare is a good, exciting book.--Matilda, Wisconsin

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