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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Brides' Fair
by Hal Fleming

The Brides’ Fair, an annual folkloric event in the Mid Atlas Mountains of North Africa, serves as an exotic setting for a novel of international intrigue and terrorism. Americans, mountain Berbers, Moroccan Arabs and those of a rebel faction converge on the festival, and it soon becomes clear that their fates are interwoven. The plot is driven by attempts to forestall an act of terrorism, while sub-plots tell of the tangled love interests of the Americans; the frantic efforts of a young Berber girl to escape a forced marriage; the trials of local officials in dealing with threats to their country’s national security; and the obstacles faced by a small band of terrorists in carrying out their mission to disrupt the fair. A major disaster is averted at the last minute with the revelation that one giving aid to the terrorists was an American of the diplomatic community.

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