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Our Book of the Week Is...

A Unique Bunny
by D'Maria Scaglione

A unique bunny was born in the Forest of Sweet Breeze. Bunnies, rabbits, and other mild-spirited creatures would come from various timberlands to settle into this exclusive forest. Yet one day, Beautiful Dreamer was swept away from her perfect home. Her brother, Razzie, resented his younger sister because she was different than all of the other bunnies. So one day, he decided to lead his innocent sister away to fend for herself in the wilderness. He knew the place he had taken her to was where coyotes roamed, and rabbits were a tasty feast. Little did Razzie know that where he left his sister, Beauty, she would inevitably meet up with some renegade, misfit friends who would teach her about love, forgiveness, and random acts of kindness on a new, enlightened journey of her life.


Wonderful Author
I met this author at her book signing at Waldenbooks on February 11. She truly has so much going for her. What a spiritual and kind person. My children loved the book and we are looking forward to her speaking at our school.--Kathy, Florida

This children's book has a great message for children who feel as though they don't belong. I first read and then gave the book to my niece, but read it first. I found it a new pioneer in Children's Book's. Kudo's to the author for the illustrations and her work.--Cynthia, California

Inspiring story for young and old.
Great book, shows how you do not have to be like everyone else to make it in the world, even a harsh and cruel world. Good reading for someone who needs some inspiring to keep going through hard times--Ken, Utah

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