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Our Book of the Week Is...

Living a Spiritual Life: On the Wings of Eagles
by Rev. David Lee Byrd

Conceived in the womb of an alcoholic mother from the seed of an alcoholic father, the only life David knew revolved around pain, fear, and anger. David struggled with the demon of addiction for thirty-seven years. He was humbled by the loss of everything he ever cared about, consumed with a self-loathing that nearly drove him to his grave. Then, a miracle occurred. God’s touch changed all of the misery and heartache into joy.

Living a Spiritual Life is the result of determined searching. You too can overcome any obstacle and find peace if you will only get in touch with truths that are hidden deep within yourself. Take a wonderful journey on a path of humility, love, and kindness. This is not religion; it is spirituality. Discover the person you were destined to be, the person who is happy, joyous, and free.

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