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Our Book of the Week Is...

Not Yet Loved
by Paulette Caroline McDowell

Lance Harris died, leaving his nineteen-year-old daughter Amber wealthy. He had raised Amber without her mother, whom he hated beyond reason. Lance had loved Amber unconditionally. Unfortunately, his friend and business partner Eric Tolliver also loved Amber and in the days following her father’s death convinces Amber that he can be her best friend AND her lover. Amber learns why her father had continually forbid her a relationship with her birth mother and at the same time discovers that Eric has betrayed her in the worst of ways. Stunned and distraught, Amber declares her relationship with Eric over, but in his need to “possess” her, Eric refuses to believe that she can turn from him. He decides that if he cannot have her, then no man can, even if he has to kill her to prove it. Moreover, he nearly does. Amber survives his brutal attack, but the scars he leaves on her heart and mind are far worse than those left on her face by his fists. However, Amber finds that time does heal, and when young Jason McIntire enters her life, she finds a love strong enough to last a lifetime.

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