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Our Book of the Week Is...

Growing into Jesus: Six Building Blocks for Life in Christ
by Darryl J. Tiller

Growing into Jesus provides a passionate and compelling argument for the faith of the Christian Believer—or would-be Believer—from its earliest forming moments from within the dream and heart of God to its full flowering in the life of the Believer through Jesus Christ. Before we were conceived, Dr. Tiller reminds us, God knew us, and God has come to us in His Son to connect us with Himself. This grounding of ourselves in God through Christ Jesus provides resource for all the longings of our restless and searching human heart. In Him, we find Life; in Him, we find ourselves. The Six Building Blocks capture and encompass the whole foundation of faith’s formation in the Believer’s life in six momentum-building chapters, each of which builds upon and extends the breadth and depth of the previous blocks. From the time you first believed the gospel to the time you first began to wonder and question, these building blocks take you through to solid grounding in Jesus Christ, and to a life of increasing discipleship in him. Reflection questions at the end of each chapter offer opportunity for further personal meditation, or for sharing within a small group or Bible study context.

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