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Our Book of the Week Is...

Go Girl Friday
by D.C. Paull

Sara Blake takes desperate measures after nine months of unemployment. Overqualified for most local job postings, she advertises herself in the local paper as “Girl Friday.” Her friends put the ad on two local billboards, causing a minor media stir in the city of Reno. The stunt pays off, and she soon lands a seemingly perfect job. Sara embraces her new position as a commercial property manager and quickly has things under control. A vandalism occurs at one of the properties, and then a tenant is murdered, and Sara finds that all is not as it seems. Something strange is going on, and Sara’s past skills as a banking compliance officer come into play. Sara noses around to find out if the red flags she has noticed have any merit, and breaks the rules she used to enforce. Soon enough, she learns that applying the skills of her old trade to her new one is dangerous business.


Go Girl Friday
I haven't read the whole book, but the author is AWESOME!--Diane, Nevada

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