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Our Book of the Week Is...

Bucket of Strangers
by Frank J. Basham

This novel’s main character is K. Not immediately introduced into the book, she is the voice in the prologue and the book’s final voice. The character Gregg begins the novel.

As a young girl, K experiences unspeakable horror. Trauma follows her. As an author, her novel is as much therapy as it is a professional endeavor. The book is a story within a story. K’s writing entwines itself around her dark, frightening past. Her’s is a world of good and evil, real and fictitious characters competing for her attention and ultimate companionship.

The reader must interpret a sad past, pushed toward insanity among the voices of the living and dead existing in her writing and life experiences. It is one person’s cry for help. K’s parting words are “My past is my darkness. It is my ultimate cloud, and I give you my words as my only way out.”

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