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Our Book of the Week Is...

A Long Way from Perfect
by Aaron Hall

This is the story of Joseph Mackenzie, a high school senior. He has been bullied all his life. His parents scarcely pay any attention to him. But when he meets the girl of his dreams, his life takes a dramatic turn. They begin to talk and eventually they fall for one another. They try to keep their feelings secret, but it becomes harder and harder. While trying to cope with the heartache thrown against his family, Joseph must also learn to deal with the hardships of true love and the imperfections that come with it. Joseph struggles between true love and the fight for his life in the ultimate journey to learn that no matter who we are, no matter how strong or weak we are, we all are a long way from perfect.


A Long Way From Perfect
This book was really interesting. It does not end like you think it would.--Fran, Okeechobee, FL

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