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Our Book of the Week Is...

A Whimsical Tradition
by Margaret L. Finch and Nancy A. Lynam

Margaret L. Finch was born in Peekskill and was schooled in and around the area. She graduated high school in 1935 and worked at several jobs over the next few years. She eventually married and had four children. She has eleven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Margaret first experienced her interest in writing around age eight. She was always fascinated with rhyming and expressing herself through words. She studied writing and attempted short stories, but her real interest remained with poetry. Margaret now lives in an adult complex in Peekskill. She remains somewhat independent, despite the fact that she is now legally blind. Even at age ninety, she can recite much of her poetry and is eager to do so!

Nancy A. Lynam also grew up and was schooled in and around Peekskill. She graduated from Lakeland High School in 1967. Shortly thereafter, she married and had three children. Nancy loves to do creative things—poetry, gardening, decorating, sewing and cooking. She developed a passion for writing during her schooling that intensified throughout the years. If you read between the lines, some of what she writes could tell a story of her life. She was blessed with her first grandchild in November of 2006, and has expressed her delight with this event in “I Knew You Were Coming.” Nancy currently lives in Lagrangeville, New York, with her second husband, John. She believes in second chances, and part of her philosophy is that you are only as happy as you choose to be!

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