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Our Book of the Week Is...

by C A Kelly

My name is Justis and I carry a badge. Every man, woman and child on this forsaken planet carries a badge of one kind or another. Mine happens to be the Arbitrators. I really shouldn’t be an Arbitrator, but there was some mix-up before I was born. My mate, Jesse Brook Lerner, the only male shipment programmer, also was a victim of the mix-up. We both figure it’s the corporation’s fault, since they were the originators of the programming units. We were all test tube grown, as something on this planet kept people from having children the “old Earth” way. At least that is what they told the original colonists. They were wrong about a lot of things. Take the fact that the planet was supposed to be uninhabited. Before the second generation reached adulthood, the first generation had discovered Orfies.

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