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Our Book of the Week Is...

Memories, Messages and Musings
by H.P. Bovell, The Poetess

Memories, Messages and Musings, a book of “golden nuggets” written by H.P. Bovell, reflects memories and messages that have made an impact in her walk as a Christian. This book was designed to appeal to a broad audience, ranging from traditional religious groups to those in search of life’s significance.

The section “Memories” recounts experiences during a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa, after which the Holy Spirit began speaking to her in the wee hours of the morning. The section “Messages” contains poems inspired by the Word of God, delivered by men and women of God, and from her own studies of the Word. The section “Musings” includes greetings and notes to relatives and friends, and anagrams written by special request for tributes and anniversaries.

There is a message inside for everyone.


Memories, Messages & Musings
Memories, Messages & Musings, by H P Bovell, 'The Poetess' is filled with style and grace. Poetry is not always done well, but this inspirational collection is powerful and moving. H P Bovell's Christian journey has been filled with love of others. Her gratitude for the blessings she has received from fellow travelers, and God's grace is written on every page. I think anyone reading the passages of this collection will find a message destined for their heart. Thoroughly heart moving prose!--Ray, Oklahoma

Excellent Poetry
Poetry is not something that I generally read and will not read unless someone recommends the book to me, and such was with the book “Memories, Messages & Musings” by the Poetess H. P. Bovell. I found the poetry in this book to be exceptional and very uplifting. Many of the poems are inspired by God himself and H.P. Bovell brings honor to her Lord and shares his message of love, redemption and grace. It is obvious that the author has written this book from personal experiences in her life and so vividly shares those experiences with her readers. There truly is a “message inside for everyone.” “Memories, Messages & Musings” is one book of poetry that you will want to have in your personal library and one that I would highly recommend to anyone.--Tom, Oklahoma

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