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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Adventures of Koco Koala and Friends: Book One: Cruisin' with Cameron
by Donna Pampalone

The Adventures of Koco Koala & Friends is the first book in a series of adventures. Koco and Wally Wallaby are best buddies, blokes as they call themselves. They love to go on adventures to discover whatever they can. You will laugh with this loveable little duo as you journey with them through their fun and zany adventures. In Book One: Cruisin’ with Cameron you will also meet Cameron Crocodile, who is lost in the outback; Miss Polly Platypus, who will steal your heart; and loveable Kipper Kangaroo too. These little critters are the best of friends; their adventure is full of surprise, and shows how much fun it is to make new friends, and how important good friends are. You will enjoy this fun, exciting and humorous journey with Koco and his friends as they set good examples of friendship and kindness to others.

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