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Our Book of the Week Is...

Because God Walked with Them: …Holy Experiences Shared
by Clyde H. Embling (Rev. Dr.)

This book shares the holy encounters and experiences of over seventy-five people, all of whom responded to Dr. Embling’s first book, Because God Walked with Me. The contributors range in age from teens to retirees; people from across the country; people from all walks of life—teachers, medical doctors, retired seminary professors, missionaries, university professors, counselors, men and women in business, stay-at-home moms, law enforcement officers, social workers, and more.

This uplifting, exciting collage of experiences is shared because in those moments they unmistakably knew that God was with them. And the personal experience shared has changed each of their lives, forever.

This is another book by the author, as he endeavors to share the Good News of God’s Love to one and all. It is written with the hope that readers will come to know God’s Son Jesus more completely and be ever more cognizant that God is still speaking!

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