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Our Book of the Week Is...

Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace
by Connie Arnold

The inspiration for this collection of poetry comes from the beauty found in nature, people, music and all of life. These poems are overflowing with joy and express an inner peace that can be found in spite of difficulties and adversity. Connie Arnold has experienced the variety of the beauty of God’s creation in different places during her life, having lived in Texas, Louisiana, Nebraska and, currently, in North Carolina, where she lives with her husband Tom. Her first poetry was as text for music, which has always been important to her. There is music in poetry as well as beauty. She has learned the importance of words and how they can be used for encouraging and healing. Additional inspiration has come from the joys of a happy marriage, two children, their spouses, the recent addition of grandchildren, and other family and friends. These poems are meant to inspire and to offer moments of joy and peace through all circumstances of life. Connie has been dealing with lupus for several years. She has found strength and a sense of healing through the creation of these poems and hopes that, in your reading of them, you will find encouragement, inspiration, joy, and peace.


Deeply Inspirational
Today is Easter, the sun is shining, the weather is warm, the snow has disappeared, I am content and I have just finished reading Connie Arnold's " Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace. Connie has encompassed all of the feelings that I am sensing at this moment. Her book of poems is a delightful read and is one that I can return to and read again and again for renewed joy and peacefulness whenever I should again feel down and depressed. All the best Connie.--Don, Canada

Beauty and Peace
"Beautiful Moments of Joy and Peace" are what you will feel when you read Connie Arnold's book that bears that title. Connie's exceptional poems, of Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter describes each one so perfectly and would be great for the classroom. "Be Careful What You Say" is one of my favorites and one we should all try to live by. I also loved the poem using the "Beatitudes" from Matthew 5, as well as "A Singing Heart." I felt like I was a kindred spirit to Connie and was deeply moved by the way she found just the right words to make the poem say just exactly what was in her heart. I truly enjoyed this book of poetry and feel that everyone will feel better after reading it.--Mary E. Preece, KY

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