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Our Book of the Week Is...

A Love Like That
by Dianna Nicolai

What is a woman who is pushing the ripe old age of seventy doing falling in love again? That’s the question Mary Kain is asking herself.

Since she met the handsome, once-famous singer, Mary has felt more young and alive than she has for years. Romantic dinners for two, dancing, walks in the woods—it all seems too good to be true. Could her daughter be right in telling her that the magnetic Curt McRight is only after her money?

Curt has spent his whole life involved in music—first as a singer and musician with his own band, and now by investing his life savings in the risky venture of a dinner and dance club. As if that isn’t trouble enough, he’s now gotten involved with a woman whose daughter claims that she is not capable of making her own decisions.

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