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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Birth of a World: The Book of Augustus: Book 1
by José Da Silveira

This book begins in 2003 with Augustus on death row. This is the story of how and when he was created and made immortal by Ziusudra in Rome 68 AD while Nero led the Roman Empire 200 years before the Coliseum was built. Augustus’ story takes place all over the universe, all over time. At this moment we find him unafraid of his pending “death by execution” as he knows he’ll be back again.

Apart from Augustus and Julia, every character we meet lived in historical reality or Greek mythology. Following the main protagonists Augustus and Ziusudra, we will travel back in time to the beginning of all, discovering mystic cities, dead civilizations, gods and goddesses, we encounter great philosophers such as Plato and Socrates, and finally we will meet God and the souls who have been waiting for all eternity to rejoin with him.


I finally received my novel and read it in two hours. It is amazing, I can't wait for number 2--Rosa, USA

Just bought this book
I just received the Birth of a World yesterday from a friend who knows the writer, I had been waiting for its release for more than two months, and read it in two hours. It is simply brillant. I could not stop reading, I have never read such an amazing saga; it took me in a completely different Universe, to places I would not even be able to imagine. What a novel, what a masterpiece...I can't wait for book number two to come out. Jose Da Silveira is pure genious.--Jerome, France

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