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Our Book of the Week Is...

Joys and Sorrows of Living with Adult Autism
by Big Bertha Evans

Everything bad you can imagine had happened to me as a little girl, so when Brian asked me to marry him after four days of dating…I said yes! After all I had been through, life could only get better. It is truly a miracle how God brought two broken people together to make us one.

Joys and Sorrows of Living with Adult Autism tells you from my point of view what it is like to deal with all of the joys and sorrows I have gone through in our first six years of marriage.

My life has never been boring. Brian keeps me going all the time. I have to watch out for him just like you do a child. He is like a two-year-old stuck in a man’s body.

Our marriage has been quite an exciting journey! Put on your seat belt. You’re in for a ride! I love you most! But God loves you more!


Joys and Sorrows of Living with Adult Autism
This is one book I couldn't put down, it made me want to learn more about Adult Autism. Big Bertha Evans has written a book that will open everyone's eyes to Adult Autism. Her writing show's her great love and patience she has for her husband Brian, everyone should feel love like this. In reading Big Bertha Evan's book I have grown to admire her and in her writing about Brian I come away with the knowledge he's a special human being who has special talents. Big Bertha Evans has written a book on a subject that everyone should read. I give her five Stars***** for a book well written.--Joseph Frank Baraba, US

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