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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Secret of the Pond
by John Harold West

Do you believe a person can walk that spiritual line between life and death? John never did, that was, until he got hurt and fell into a deep coma. But in John’s mind he didn’t know he got hurt and now he’s dreaming his life is still going on as normal. That is until he has lunch at this mysterious pond behind a building where he was working. He is fascinated with the pond and then becomes obsessed with it. He tries to go there every chance he gets because strange things happen every time he goes. Eventually he wakes from his coma only to find out it was all a dream. But strange things are happening now that he’s awake and they all point to the pond that really existed. John must go to the pond to find out the truth. Did his spirit visit the pond?


The Secret of the Pond
We thought this book was excellent. The author has one hell of an imagination. Could pass for non-fiction. I think this book should be considered for the top 10.--Sam, New Jersey

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