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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Battle for the Sacred Realm: Book 1: Jayden's Journey
by Christopher R. Griffith

The Battle for the Sacred Realm is an epic tale about a young man named Jayden who is called upon by a higher power to save the land of Namuh from Nirobis and his Imps. Jayden, a humble servant throughout his life, comes face to face with an immortal named Meesin, who resides in the Sacred Realm. Meesin explains to Jayden about a battle taking place throughout Namuh. Although uncertain of his purpose in all of it, Jayden begins to comprehend, through the trials he encounters, that he plays an important role in its outcome. Jayden, along with the help of a few devoted friends, sets out on a quest to restore Namuh. Little do they know that their journey will lead them into a battle far greater than any our world has ever seen. Jayden’s Journey is the first of many adventures that will transpire in this series.


Battle for the Sacred Realm
Chris is an exceptional writer who started out in sports but has always had a heart for novels. I really expect great things from Chris.--Daniel, New Jersey

Rividing tale of finding hope in our sufferings...
...I had the oppurtunity to proof read this story and was blown away from the moment I opened the book. Whether you are a teenager or working adult, you will fall in love with this story of hope.--Dan, New York

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