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Our Book of the Week Is...

Julie and the Unicorn
by Cynthia Marie Rizzo

Julie, seven years old, moves with her family to Texas. Julie’s classmates treat her differently and she’s lonely. One day, crying in her room after school, Julie hears a tap on the window. She opens it and in flies a unicorn named Sparkles. Sparkles asks Julie to keep a secret friendship because no human is supposed to talk or see a unicorn. Sparkles gives Julie a whistle bracelet so that Julie can contact Sparkles by blowing it three times. Julie and her family travel to their old neighborhood for Julie’s best friend Karen’s birthday party. Karen finds out about Julie’s bracelet and Julie explains that it’s a secret. Will Karen be angry? Sparkles brings Julie to her fairy land, showing her how unicorns get along with each other. The prince finds out that Sparkles had disobeyed the rules and has to decide whether to banish Sparkles from the fairy land.


Touching, Amusing, and Fun
Having been a military brat, I know full well the effect of a nomadic lifestyle on famlies. Moving frequently in my early youth: Japan-Texas-Germany-Kentucky-Maryland, then finally settling in Texas in my later grade school years, I feel a special connection to this character - both her fears and tears. I believe I actually am Julie, though a much older version of course. I suspect it is common for children in Julie's situation to create lovely (and very real) magical friends, since I remember my childhood being full of fanciful adventures like this. Feeling a special kinship to this character, I am left wondering why I didn't write this book myself. A special thank you to the author for having written the early part of my biography for me. If I ever write an autobiography, I will be able to just refer to this book, then skip on to my later childhood years. I am very much looking forward to reading the sequel to this book. I recommend Julie and the Unicorn for anyone who ever moved as a child, all ages of kids-at-heart, unicorn lovers, and girls ages 6-10.--J.H. Sweet, author of The Fairy Chronicles, New Braunfels, Texas

Wonderful Book
This book is so great! It is moving and so heart-warming of a unicorn having a secret friendship with Julie. Children of all ages will love this fun book with all of the great adventures. My daughter loves the part where Sparkles, the unicorn, brings Julie to the fairy land. This is a fantastic book!--Chrissy, USA

Fantastic book
My children and I really enjoyed it and I am sure many children will enjoy this book too. It showed us how the values of faith, patience,trust and imagination work in overcoming life's challenges.--Brittany, Pennsylvania

Excellent book
I bought this book for my grandchild and it was really helpful to her since she was in the same situation of moving and having a hard time making new friends. She is now able to understand that it takes time making new friends and the book was very interesting to her that she couldn't put it down. The unicorn helps the little girl to understand the situation better.--Pat, Pennsylvania, USA

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