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Our Book of the Week Is...

Death – Straight Up
by Fay Rownell

Physical therapist Rena Lorence tires of the whining hypochondria of her fellow humans and shifts to animal rehabilitation. Her story begins with a rude awakening—she is dead. On the scene, Coroner Stanford Stefanik lisps “poithon” as the cause. All of the eccentrics Rena had recently met come under suspicion. This assortment of oddballs ranges from topless Tiffany Duffer, the dimwit who proficiently displays the meaning of her namesake; and diffident Tiarra Smythe, the psychic who dubiously assists in the investigation. From limbo, Rena’s humorous narration and memorable repartee builds on these quirky beings and the ensuing investigation into her foul demise.

Death – Straight Up is a peculiar tale of suspense for animal and mystery lovers alike. The uniqueness of this story is that there are two surprise endings. The first resolves Rena’s murder investigation with a number of twists. The second is—well, it’s a surprise.

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