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Our Book of the Week Is...

The Glowing Stone
by Edward L.J. Hall

This story is told by an old man remembering the days of youth, and how one night he and a glowing blue stone came together, and his life was changed forever. He also tells us of how he meets Gwen, who would one day become his wife.

This book is a combination of the real world, where children are limited, and a dream world, where they are unleashed to live any adventure they want by simply reading or looking at a book. The time setting for this book is somewhere during the Depression era.

The story’s main action occurs in a make-believe Camelot with knights, damsels, and dragons. Gwen, Edward, and two of their friends become a team and face whatever comes their way. But with good dreams also come nightmares, via the dark stones. (Though in the telling, the violence is kept to a minimum and no dragon is actually harmed.)

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